Withdrawal of RUB on BitTeam has been launched

By bit.team

Withdrawal of RUB on BitTeam has been launched.

Now exchange users have the opportunity to conduct all transactions with the Russian ruble (RUB) without intermediate exchange stages.

Payment gateway is integrated into the system of RUB withdrawals and is already processing requests. At this time tests have been conducted and note that those users who often use their bank cards in cryptocurrency trading may face transaction blocking by the bank and in the withdrawal status you will see the status “Canceled”.

If you encounter this problem, we recommend that you resubmit your application with a new card number.

Trading pairs available for trading in RUB are:
● USDT/RUB: Russian ruble to Tether (USDT).
● DEL/RUB: Russian ruble to native Decimal (DEL) blockchain coin.