How to use BTT

BTT is the cryptocurrency of the BIT.TEAM ecosystem. Users get BTT as a reward for completing tasks, registering, inviting friends and so on. You can not only trade BTT like any other cryptocurrency, but use it for the wide range of additional benefits as well. Click here , to learn more about BTT.

How to get BTT

BTT can be obtained for inviting a friend; in this case, both users get bonuses. There is also a referral program that distributes up to 25% of the platform fee per transaction. For those who don't have that many friends, you can easily get them by completing tasks on our social media where we announce the latest Giveaways and Airdrops (Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Discord)

How to use BTT

Users can use BTT to pay transaction fees on BIT.TEAM platforms. To do this, you need to activate the “Use BTT to pay trading fees" feature. Depending on the amount of BTT in the wallet, user receives a discount on the transaction fee:



From 1 000 000 BTT



From 500 000 BTT



From 100 000 BTT

  • Get additional benefits with PRO ACCOUNT
  • Your ad is always in the top due to the BOOST function
  • Save up to 25% fees with our discount system
  • Change your username using our UNIQUE USERNAME function

Contribute BTT to staking, get rewards and help to make the DecimalChain ecosystem even more secured.

Burning BTT emissions

Both receiving and spending BTT are pleasant and profitable. But what if there are too many coins? To prevent the scenarios that are widely spread among fiat currencies, a mechanism called emission burning is implemented for BTT.

This function has been provided by the team of BIT.TEAM project regarding BTT from the very launch.

Once a quarter, BIT.TEAM burns 20% of tokens from the total amount of the company's income: payment of fees, use of bonuses, registration of a PRO account, enabling the Boost function and changing nicknames. 20% of tokens imply a reduction in the maximum issue by the amount of burned tokens.

If the amount of tokens in the quarter does not gain those 20%, then the company buys the missing amount of tokens at the market price on the BIT.TEAM exchange or from the Decimal blockchain, if there is not enough BTT coins in the glass. The buyback takes place no later than a week prior the date of the next burning.

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