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BIT.TEAM is a team of like-minded people for whom the idea and its implementation are the primary goal.

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Group of platforms also includes: bit.team, p2p.bit.team, token.bit.team and market.bit.team

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From startups to the world’s largest companies


Meet our executive leadership

Anatoly Berdnikov

Chief executive officer

More than 5 years of engagement in the development and implementation of projects in the field of fintech

Dmitriy Stepanov

Chief technology officer

2 years experience as a Head of technical department at wallbtc.com, created one of the largest financial platform in Russia

Nikita Veremeev

Compiliance officer

Experience in implementing a comprehensive legal support for the company's activities in the field of international law


Who we are

We are enthusiasts for the development of the cryptocurrency industry, we are primarily ideologists, business is in the background for us, which is why we adhere to a minimum commission of 0.4%. We strive to give people a convenient tool that they will use on a daily basis.

Ease of handling the BIT.TEAM platform is what the BIT.TEAM team works on every day, we analyze user behavior, collect your wishes and recommendations, improving our product for you. Each BIT.TEAM user is a team member, thanks to which the infrastructure develops.

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A Brief History of BIT.TEAM

The idea of founding BIT.TEAM appeared in 2016. Initially, it was planned to create a service for providing users with information about open orders for cryptocurrency exchange with a minimum commission (only 0.4%).


What is main idea and details?

  1. The lowest commission 0.4%
  2. Simplicity and convenience for any user level
  3. Lack of intermediaries, direct interaction of users with each other

BIT.TEAM is based on the user

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If you have any recommendations or suggestions for the work of the site - feel free to write them to us by mail or in support, we will definitely process them, for example:

  • recommendations or suggestions for improving the service
  • shortcomings or errors in the service
  • incorrect work of service employees
  • inappropriate user behavior or fraud


  • We are always glad to hear your opinion about the work of BIT.TEAM
  • We are always glad to new partners and collaborations developing the cryptocurrency industry
  • For any questions and suggestions please contact us

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