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By bit.team

📈Hi Team!

Yesterday within article we made the announcement of new direction for BIT.TEAM and BTT token, and today we present you the first candidate for vote listing:  token FLOKI INU is ranked 125th in our ranking and 105th by CoinMarketCap.

↪️ Voting will start today at 22:00 (UTC+3). The project needs 1,000,000 BTT votes, which is equivalent to 2,000 KYC user registrations.

Here are some facts from FLOKI’s marketing director:

🔸Floki is the people’s cryptocurrency and the utility token of the Floki Ecosystem;

🔸Floki currently has 430,000+ holders on the BNB and ETH chains and more holders on centralized exchange;

🔸 We are very popular among retail and have a mainstream brand that has been able to reach 3 billion+ people due to some of our strong marketing moves;

🔸 We’ve had partnerships with some of the biggest IRL sports brands: this includes leading Formula 1 team Alfa Romeo F1 Team Orlen and 8 major international football clubs. These clubs have a combined reach of 3 billion+ people;

🔸We have several solid utility projects including an innovative metaverse game named Valhalla (which is currently the most active project on the Optimism Goerli chain where is is playable) and FlokiFi Locker which is the most innovative crypto locker in the industry;

🔸 We have a massive community and such a strong interest in Floki. We trend on Twitter daily and the FLOKI token currently has $100 million+ in daily trading volume at the time of writing this.

We are sure that such a powerful project will handle the voting very quickly and we will wait for FLOKI among the BIT.TEAM trading pairs.

🔥 And +1,000,000 BTT will be burned as part of the next quarterly burn