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Floki, what is it?
Floki is the people's currency and utility token.
Musk is a big fan of Doge coin, but he denied owning any.
The NFT has a gaming metaverse. There is a suite of finance products. FlokiPlaces is an NFT and merchandise marketplace. University of Floki is a content and education platform.
The Floki Vikings community is named after Floki,Musk's dog, which was named after a viking character. Floki has been listed in the Top 10 of the social engagement rankings several times.

Who are the people who started Floki?
Floki is a community run project.
An anonymous developer abandoned the project shortly after it launched.
Floki has a core team that represents its interests. The core team consists of people who are not real.
The key decisions affecting Floki are made through a vote where people use their FLOKI token.
Floki Inu is unique.
Floki Inu wants to be different by combining the meme with utility.
The flagship product of the company is the NFT gaming metaverse. Floki Inu wants it to be a metaverse where you can earn rewards for battling and trade and hold on to assets obtained in the metaverse. The team plans to incorporate elements from successful games like Pokémon and Skyrim. The game will have a gardening system where players can tend to their crops, which can later be sold as NFTs, and players will be able to capture and battle creatures called Vera.

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How many Floki Coins are in circulation?
Floki has a large amount of FLOKI. There are over 400,000 holders of FLOKI on the two platforms. Each purchase incurs a 3% marketing tax that will be used for the continued development of the Floki Inu platform.

How is the Floki Network secured?

There are a lot of new token that are published on the ethereum platform. Its proof-of-work consensus mechanism requires miners to mine new ether and ensures that it is one of the safest in the industry.
The proof-of-stake consensus mechanism is used to maintain security.

Will Floki Inu reach $0?
It is unlikely that FLOKI will ever reach one cent due to its high supply. At the end of October 2021, the token was in a strong uptrend and has been setting new all-time highs.

Where can I buy Floki Inu?
FLOKI is available on many websites.
Is it a new person in the world of cryptocurrencies?