What the crypto community is watching closely

What the crypto community is watching closely

By bit.team

Traders are tracking the fate of a new Ethereum-based crypto asset that has just appeared on the crypto market, and whose market capitalization immediately rose to $ 10 million after launch.

New offer from DeFi

The project is inspired by the phenomenon Of pokémon collectible cards and video games, allowing users to collect digital Pets and earn AXS through skillful gameplay, as well as by helping to power the network.

Players can own their own tokenized land plots, as well as exchange blockchain-supported items with players around the world. According to CoinGecko, the Axie Infinity (AXS) coin has adjusted since its debut, when it switched to price determination mode, with the project’s market capitalization at the time of publication at $ 6,927,044.

The coin debuted on Binance Launchpad and is supported by crypto research firm Delphi Digital.

“Delphi Ventures has invested in the future management token Axie Infinity, in the development of which we played a major role.

On October 28, our team purchased 5 Axies for 473.5 ETH for about 159 thousand dollars at that time. Recent market movements may have pushed some to the side, but we saw the recent turmoil as an opportunity. The ability to spend a lot of money on digital “battle pets”. While at first glance this may seem like a confusing impulsive purchase caused by the recent hype around NFT, it is actually a purchase that we have been patiently waiting for since we launched Delphi.”

The project started long before the decentralized Finance (DeFi) asset market reached its peak.

According to Dune Analytics, DeFi volume has plummeted over the past month from a record $ 8 billion in September, to about $ 3 billion at the end of October.

The Central Bank of Russia notes an increase in interest in CBDC during the pandemic

The second topic that is closely followed by the crypto community is how CBDC took the first place in the list at the meeting of the heads of Central banks of the world, held in Russia.

Executives are calling for research into the virtues and impact on the digital economy as the COVID-19 pandemic intensifies the situation on the Internet.

Several Central banks are already in the process of developing their own CBDCS, and Central Bank executives from around the world have met to discuss the merits and significance of CBDCS.

As COVID-19 affects the global economy, governments, Central banks, and financial institutions around the world are studying vulnerabilities that could lead to crises like the current one.

This topic was discussed at a recent meeting of The Central Bank governors ‘ Club, organized by Bank of Russia Governor Elvira Nabiullina.

The meeting was attended by the governors of 26 Central banks from around the world, who noted the expansion of the digital economy and the potential impact of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Central Bank virtual currencies (CBDC) on the economy in the future.

At the meeting, managers discussed how they can be more active in researching the merits and impact of digital currencies, and what the regulatory framework might look like. They also discussed the impact of CBDC on monetary policy and the need to develop procedures to reduce cyber risks.

As previously reported, a number of Central banks around the world have already begun exploring the use or development of CBDC. The Chinese digital yuan has passed a successful pilot project. Since its launch earlier this year, there have been more than 4 million transactions worth $ 299 million.

The European Central Bank has just announced a public survey asking Europeans how they would use the proposed “digital euro”.

Although there is still a long way to go, the fact that CBDCS are being discussed at the highest levels of the financial world shows how far the idea of a digital currency has come since the advent of crypto.