Updates & Roadmap

By bit.team

We start with the main page and the trading terminal of the bit.team exchange:
🔥At the final stages of the exchange App development ( the App will be combined with p2p, then tested and moderated on Google Play and AppStore);

  •  Global redesign of the main page, header, profile (combining in the spot+p2p app requires unification of sections);
  • The language change section upgraded (preparation for translation into 10+ languages);
  • The new section of listing ads and top news on the main page;
  •  The first listing after the update will be the TON crypto on the main network and bep-20;
  • The new section of payment systems (preparations are underway for integration with the payment gateway). And it will also be combined with p2p;
  • After the update is stabilized and the gateway is turned on, the transfer of balances between SPOT, P2P and NFT accounts will be opened.

The following work is being performed on bit.team/p2p:
🔥 Telegram bot with P2P features is at the final stage of dev and testing;

  • The p2p App is completed and is undergoing testing, we decided to postpone the exit to the store and immediately release the combined spot+p2p application;
  • To unify the sections, the main page and the header of the p2p
    section are being upgraded – the FAQ sections have been moved to bit.team/docs/p2p.

Bit.team/btt updates:
🔥 Added new feature for the BTT token – a huge bit.team/price section that includes a skill base on more than 10 thousand cryptos and the ability to vote for listing any of the cryptos using BTT.

Finally, bit.team/nft:

  • A new design of the main page, with an emphasis on Authors and Collections;
  • A new algorithm for ranking NFT, collections and authors.

We’ve cited only the main major works, many details, the speed of work and optimization of processes can be traced in the course of the platform`s operation.