20.06.2023 • Просмотров:

Update: Ad ranking and penalty system

By bit.team

We received a lot of complaints and suggestions from you about the ad ranking mechanisms and the penalty system. As promised, we checked all the mechanisms and completely redesigned the system, today the update came out and I think many active traders have already noticed the improvements.

The updated rules are designed to make the market more free and fair to all participants, reduce the influence of the monopoly of the big players by equalizing the chances of everyone. To this end, the following changes have been introduced:

  • the coefficient of influence of the age of the ad and the timestamp of the last editing of the ad on the position in the extradition has been reduced. Now a user with a new ad after 72 hours is immediately in direct sorting by price (use the link to CMC, Binance, CG rate to not get penalized and always have an up to date price);
  • the rules of protection against deal defaults have been added. Now in case you have 2-3-5 trades coming to you at the same time, you can choose one, and cancelling the rest will not lead to penalties and downgrade;
  • removed extra checks and reduced influence of user rating, account status, % of successful deals on the position in the output.

We hope that the market will now become more fair for all, and pricing regulation will move into automatic mode (from the exchange rate), which will increase competition and attract new bidders.

You asked for a free market – we did!

Happy bidding, now everything is in your hands.