Update 07.12.2021

Update 07.12.2021

By bit.team

We report that tomorrow, on 7 December 2021, at 14:00 an update for. Bit.Team is scheduled.
The UFO coin, the coin of the classic UFO blockchain, will be added to our service! UFO is the Bitcoin fork that inherited from the BTC higher transaction confidentiality (Taproot update).

About the UFO coin

UFO is a classic blockchain providing cheap and fast transactions, the younger brother of Bitcoin since 2014. In 2018, a new team was formed to implement the applied projects and support the blockchain. 

What are the UFO advantages?

UFO has implemented all the latest Bitcoin updates (segwit, omni). A widely discussed Taproot update is to be released soon to increase the transaction privacy.

It’s a matter of five minutes to fork Bitcoin in its current position, and it’s not that easy to continue following it for several years but UFO can do it. The blockchain is being developed by Peter Bashnell, the creator of Feathercoin, an official member of the Bitcoin OMNI team.

It is easy and cheap for users to learn how to work with Bitcoin via UFO. With the current enormous transaction amount of BTC and the high price of error, it is expensive to practice on Bitcoin, and it is painful to make mistakes. As the complete opposite of this, UFO transactions are inexpensive, and there is a special “school” in the community for training. In this school anyone who wants to start working with crypto will be given a few coins and will be taught to work with UFO and Bitcoin in practice.

Applied projects

The team has four application projects on the way — both for the general public and for blockchain developers:

– Slabber – a blog platform for authors with a non-custodial crypto wallet UFO
– Walletum – a non-custodial multi-blockchain wallet for storing cryptocurrencies, tokens, NFT
– WebAPI – API for simplified work with blockchains
– Uniasset – a wallet for issuing tokens and NFT

The team is working at some more related projects. And, of course, there is a big common idea that unites everything:

The decentralized Calcium network

The UFO team aims to combine all the projects within one decentralized Calcium network.

The team is aware that for the full implementation of such a network, it will not be enough to just implement the ultimate goal (to release a node), but it is necessary to start from the environment, everything that will fill the network with meaning. That is why all efforts are directed to applied projects that will be connected to such a network. And these projects will form the requirements for the capabilities of the network itself from the real needs of project users. UFO is something that  will be the key calculation tool in this network.

How does the team work at UFO and its projects 

The team conducts all developments openly and at its own expense, and often announces the work that has been done and plans for the future. The community is friendly and open for cooperation with anyone who wants to join the project.

Useful links:

1) Website ufobject.com
2) Roadmap roadmap.ufobject.com
3) White Paper ufobject.com/docs/ufo_whitepaper.pdf
4) Channel with announcements t.me/UFOoriginal
5) Russian chat t.me/UFObjectRU
6) English chat t.me/UFOCoin
7) Twitter:
– RU twitter.com/UFObject_ru
– EN twitter.com/fiscalobject
8)  Project Description:
9) Tasks and policy ufobject.com/ru/about/zadachi-i-princzipyi