The number of projects in DecimalChain will grow significantly

The number of projects in DecimalChain will grow significantly


The developers` team of the DecimalChain platform has announced its active work at designing a parallel Decimal Smart Chain (DSC) network. This network would include tools for creating smart contracts for DecimalChain tokens.

To help users understand how the platform works, we have traslated the DecimalChain website into a few languages, such as:






The team emphasizes that work on the DSC will be done according to the project`s roadmap. Certain components have already been finished and integrated into the new network.

Validators` activity and fees would be provided only due to the DEL coin. This measure would have a positive impact on the entire platform in the near future.

As the DSC has already been developed to some extent, another group of developers (to be announced later) has started creating . This is the first DEX on the network. Due to this decentralized exchange, the entire DecimalChain ecosystem will expand its presence on the market, and the number of new clients in the project will increase.

It should be noted that, unlike a centralized exchange, a decentralized one operates in the following way: the client places an order that falls into the liquidity pool. If the conditions are executed (price, demand, supply), the smart contract is executed too. It also performs the exchange of a cryptocurrency asset between users.

When a user deposits his funds into the pool, he is provided with tokens from a liquidity provider. They can be involved in order to return their share, and receive a fee from trading transactions.

On a decentralized platform, developers of aims to launch Decimal Launchpad.

Decimal Launchpad is a decentralized platform designed to launch an initial token offering, helping other blockchain startups to raise funds from investors. In turn, Decimal system clients will be able to participate in various startups without the risk of losing funds.

As you know, many funds and private individuals prefer to put money into cryptocurrencies, and it is very important for them to find projects where the risks of investments are reduced to zero.

And because DSC and Decimal Launchpad are already launched, all interested parties will be able to enjoy the most promising offers of DecimalChain.


To sum up, we can say again that once the work on the Decimal Smart Chain is over, popular products will be introduced into the market: a decentralized exchange and a decentralized crowdfunding platform. This would allow DecimalChain to increase its popularity in the global cryptocurrency market, and attract new investors.