The crypto has ruined us all a bit, isn`t it?

The crypto has ruined us all a bit, isn`t it?


This is the only logical explanation that we can think of for all this FUD that we see on Twitter every day. No, of course, we were in an epic race, but let’s take a moment to reflect on the fact that a year ago, BTC was hovering around the mark of $9,5K.

Should one panic on the crypto market?

Most crypto forums at the moment are full of negativity and pessimism, to the point that it seems like the entire crypto community joined the space just 6 weeks ago. The entire crypto sphere is currently behaving as if they have lost a fortune in the crypt. But to be honest, the reality is that most of us still haven’t really gotten anywhere.

Do you remember where Bitcoin was just 12 months ago?

The crypto has ruined us all a bit, isn`t it?

The crypto has ruined us all a bit, isn`t it?

BTC 1 year ago. Source: CoinMarketRate

It is probably worth recalling that we are now talking about an industry that has existed for less than twelve years. Anyone who participated in it at any point during the first 11.5 years could earn good money. We’re talking about a market that makes stock market investors insanely happy.

However, we are also talking about FUD, Ilona clowns, central banks, and so on. So here’s the million-dollar question:can they stop the movement of the crypto market?


A market correction is not the end of the world

Cryptocurrencies are much larger than all of them combined. We are talking about a technological revolution that can change our world for the better, putting an end to the outdated financial system.

The irony is that initially, the cryptocurrency was just supposed to replace it, but now we are talking about a reasonable symbiosis. But that’s not what we’re talking about right now. Let’s talk about wolves guarding sheep. In the most humble opinion, the problem is that most of us have heard all these stories about crypto-lamborghini, and the like, and tend to believe that we will just get rich in a matter of months. In part , it is. Only partially. Even old crypto traders often dream that it is possible to achieve abundance with the help of cryptocurrency in a relatively short period of time.

However, they never let their emotions control their thoughts, and always try to remember that space has grown exponentially since the early days. The ups and downs have always been part of this growth, and that won’t change as long as we measure the value of our crypto assets in terms of fiat money. However, there is a trend, and this is more than obvious. The crypto game continues. It is only gaining momentum and is seeking to change the way we now think about values in a global sense.

The time of old thinking, as well as old systems, is passing away. Perhaps in the not-too-distant future, banks will be giving away fiat money to convince people to start using their useless banknotes again. They will ring your phone, begging you to go to the nearest store, and get a cash reward if you can convince people to accept them as a means of paying for goods and services. Perhaps in the future we will have a world full of unemployed bankers. And perhaps vice versa: bank CBDCs will completely replace fiat, and become a full-fledged means of payment, and we will remember Bitcoin with warmth and sadness. Anything can happen.

But in the meantime, be patient and enjoy the crypto drive.