P2P Exchange Continues to Operate in Russia and CIS countries

P2P Exchange Continues to Operate in Russia and CIS countries

By bit.team

On October 6, the EU approved a new package of anti-Russian sanctions that cover the cryptocurrency sector. The next day, a number of crypto exchanges announced that the wallets of users from the Russian Federation had been frozen. In particular, the LocalBitcoins platform declared it would not serve clients from Russia. The similar decision was made by NFT Dapper Labs and a number of other crypto companies.

But the sanction tightening applies only to projects being registred in the EU zone. Crypto exchanges registered in the UK are not subject to the new sanctions package. Therefore, the P2P BIT.TEAM project continues to work with Russian users as usual.

BIT.TEAM: an island of reliability in the volatile world of cryptocurrencies

The platform has been providing cryptocurrency trading services since 2018. Originally, BIT.TEAM operated mainly with clients from Russia and CIS countries, declaring itself as an intermediary in processing cryptocurrency transactions. Over time, the number of customers began to grow, covering users from the Asian region, Europe, and North America.

Basic BIT.TEAM services include purchase/exchange of cryptocurrency. Currently, the features provided by the platform are much more than a simple exchange and they include:

  • NFT trading/storage;
  • crypto purchases with fiat, withdrawal of funds to payment cards;
  • use of basic analytics tools, including charting by defined parameters.

The BIT.TEAM mission is simple and clear: to build a “bridge” between the ordinary world and the cryptocurrency environment, making interaction between them as accessible as possible. These opportunities are provided by the operation of two company units: the cryptocurrency exchange and the NFT marketplace.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

In early 2022, as part of the BIT.TEAM ecosystem, a crypto exchange was launched aimed at simplifying operations with cryptocurrencies for its users. Its user-friendly, Russian-language interface, is not overloaded with graphics, so that beginners wouldn`t get confused, while the set of available financial instruments will be beneficial even for experienced traders.

Among other features of the exchange, we should highlight the following ones:

  • minimum fee (0.2% of the transaction amount);
  • non-stop qualified customer support, operating 24/7;
  • no hidden fees;
  • a wide set of tools for collecting statistics and analytics.

NFT Marketplace

The Internet is the best environment for promotion for young authors, but at the same time, the world Wide web could not overcome piracy and copyright violations. Blockchain, on the contrary, managed to solve these issues, which led to the explosive growth of NFT objects of digital art. NFT ownership is determined by the fact of possessing a non-interchangeable token, and the correspondence between them is unambiguous and not subject to change.

Within the framework of the BIT.TEAM, a marketplace operates that allows you to buy and sell NFT using the same wallet that can be used for crypto transactions.

The interface of NFT Marketplace is intuitive and user-friendly, and it resembles a regular online store. Operations with digital tokens are carried out via a smart contract. To add your own NFT, you need to specify its name, brief description, cost, and other characteristics if necessary, and finally upload an avatar in a compatible format. All this metadata will be entered into the blockchain, after which you will receive full copyrights to your NFT with the possibility of its sale/exchange.

All transactions within the marketplace are carried out using the DEL token, which is the base for the DecimalChain blockchain.

BIT.TEAM ecosystem

The service token of the crypto exchange is BTT. It is used to pay transaction fees, and you can also purchase a PRO account for BTT. The internal token is also used to pay for BOOST ads and some other services within the platform.

BTT is a token operating on the Decimal blockchain, so its reserve is secured by the network’s cryptocurrency and amounts to 2,100,000 DEL. In total, it is planned to issue 500,000,000 BTT, currently 316,000,000 coins have been issued. Other information about BTT is available in the Decimal explorer.

PRO account

BIT.TEAM provides privileged users who have purchased a PRO account with the following privileges:

  • the feature of premium transaction processing (guaranteed time of transaction recording time on blockchain is 5-60 minutes), and a free priority ad placement 10 times/day;
  • the possibility of raising ads for free up to 10 times a day (Boost function);
  • priority technical support.

The price of a PRO account:

  • for users with 1 month of experience starting from the time of registration – 10000 BTT;
  • for users with 6 months of experience starting from the time of registration – 55,000 BTT;
  • for users with 12 months of experience starting from the time of registration – 100,000 BTT.

The internal token can be used to change the user’s nickname.

Bonuses and discounts

BTT used in the BIT.TEAM ecosystem can be either purchased, or you get it for free by participating in various events (subscribing to media resources, AIRdrops, participating in giveaways).

Having some BTT on your wallet account allows you to reduce the transaction fee, and the amount of this discount depends on the number of tokens you own:

  • up to 500,000 (but not less than 100,000) BTT – 10% discount%
  • up to 1000000 BTT – 25%
  • over 1000000 BTT with- 50%.

The BIT.TEAM platform uses a deflationary concept, which provides for quarterly burning of emission. This allows to maintain a positive trend in BTT cost (with an unchanged reserve in DEL).

Current addresses of BIT.TEAM platform services:

If you face any problems with buying/selling or storing cryptocurrencies or you want to protect yourself from possible problems in the future, you should definitely switch to the BIT.TEAM platform by passing a simple registration procedure.