Now you can earn Bitcoin by playing Counter-Strike

Now you can earn Bitcoin by playing Counter-Strike


Counter-Stike stated that Global Offensive players can now earn Bitcoin by winning games. The ZEBEDEE startup gave players access to dedicated servers to compete among themselves for getting satoshi through the Lightning Network.

BTC Comes to Counter Strike

Bitcoin continues to grow in the video game world. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), a first-person shooter (FPS) developed by Valve Corporation, is still one of the most famous. Last year, the game had an average of 24 million monthly active players, and that number continues to grow.

Indeed, the startup ZEBEDEE has released news that may please gamers and fans of this video game. Last week, it launched its first servers for CS: GO. ZEBEDEE has made its servers available to players, allowing them to win multiple Satoshi by implementing Infuse technology.

Video games related to cryptocurrency have been gaining popularity for some time. This is the case with games such as The Sandbox and Axie Infinity, which at the same time represent important levers for the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the gaming community.

This movement of video games into the world of cryptocurrencies is generating a growing interest in traditional games already existing on the market. You can also give an example of the Enjin plugin used on Minecraft servers. The plugin allows you to integrate Enjin wallets, earn unique assets, and even trade in-game items.

To collect Satoshi while playing Counter-Strike, you must install the ZEBEDEE desktop app and download a special wallet. When you connect to one of the Infuse servers, you just need to scan the QR code using the app available on your smartphone, just before the game starts. Then you have to pay a small amount of Bitcoin equal to 100 Satoshi. This initial bet changes depending on your progress in the game. Thus, your winnings depend on your results obtained during the game.

You can earn the Satoshi you originally put in at the start of the game for a small extra fee if you win the match. You can cash out your Bitcoins at any time via the Lightning Network.

Gamers are thrilled

According to Simon Cowell, CEO of ZEBEDEE, “the biggest revolution will be for regular gamers.” It is true that today only some streamers manage to get paid for the game. Cowell added during an interview with Decrypt:

“Currently, esports tournaments are only open to a small elite of professionals who take all the money.”

Even after the games were played during the week of the release of ZEBEDEE servers, the first players were captivated by this new product. The rewards in cryptocurrency are quite low, but since the game was very competitive from the very beginning, players are even more interested in increasing their stats, and simultaneously rewarding themselves in cryptocurrency.

The startup expects to get significant traffic and hopes that after that it will be able to run servers without entrance fees. The developers relies on the support of partners to offer players a less competitive experience through multiple advertisements.