New service for exchanging BTT (MINTER) for BTT (DEL)
26.01.2021 • Просмотров:

New service for exchanging BTT (MINTER) for BTT (DEL)


Dear users, as we’ve announced earlier , we are continuing the process of transferring the BTT token from the MINTER blockchain to the DECIMAL one. We had to postpone the release of the exchange service as we needed to amend the new version of BIT.TEAM.
Now that everything is operating smoothly, we are happy to present you a new service for crypto exchanges:
With this service, you can exchange BTT (MINTER) for BTT (DEL),
There are 2 exchange options:
A. If you have coins on the balance of your personal account – just log in and the exchange will occur from one balance to another.
B. If you have no coins, or for any reason you want to make exchange out of account – you can do this without authorization from purse to purse (in this case you need an e-mail address not registered on, if the email address was already shared with the service – you will be asked to login).

In order to make exchange by method A (authorization) you need to:
1. Click “log in” and log in
2. Enter the number of coins you send and check the number of coins you receive
3. Click the “exchange” button and get BTT to your account balance

To make exchange by method B (without authorization) you will need:
1. Enter the number of coins you send and check the number of coins you receive
2. In the “Step 1” window, enter the DECIMAL network address to receive the BTT(DEL)
3. Click the “Get Wallet address” button.
4. You will be taken to step 2, where you will see the MINTER network wallet and the amount of BTT (MINTER) to be sent to this address
5. After you send the exact amount of coins to the wallet address and the transaction is confirmed by the network and the smart contract, you will be sent BTT(DEL) coins to the address specified in paragraph 2.

Please note that the service is new and all processes are not yet perfectly debugged, so at first there may be small failures and delays. If the coins are not received to your address (within 2-3 hours) or you notice another error – do not hesitate to write to the support service.