«Монолит»: первый на планете токенизированный полнометражный фильм

“Monolith”: the first tokenized movie on the planet

By bit.team

Alexander Ivanov and Daniil Solovyov presented the first tokenized drama film on the planet.

The plot of the movie is as follows: taxi driver Vasily suddenly realized that there was nothing good in his life, everything was meaningless. Similarly, life passes for the majority of the population, studies, work, family, and so everything runs like that squirrel in the wheel. Nothing interesting. There is only a thirst to earn more, they don’t even think much about a career.

The ability to love and enjoy life has been lost. Frantic rush for money and there is nothing. But nevertheless, there is an opportunity to break this boring and vicious circle. And the hope of a real life helps even an inveterate pessimist to act. There is a way that allows you to completely change your own destiny.

The directors of the film want to start promoting the film on the market through a marketing campaign at the beginning of autumn this year. The movie is scheduled for release in early November.

And in the winter of next year, the creators are already going to calculate the profit from the rental. They are confident that due to the withdrawal of foreign films from the film market, “Monolith” is able to become a rental leader among other Russian films. In March next year, the release will be launched on leading film platforms.

An important nuance is that twenty million tokens have already been issued at the rate of 1:1. As for the movie budget, it is not too big, and for those who intend to buy tokens and become a sponsor of the movie, they can contact the operator. Therefore, the company “Siproductions” created and implemented the SINECOIN token on the basis of the original blockchain Decimalchain.com .

Whoever will own tokens on the DECIMAL blockchain will confirm their sponsor status. The idea of the film directors after the “Monolith” is presented is that then they will issue a repurchase of tokens from those who are the sponsor. The box office fees will be proportional to the cost of the repurchase. Unique sponsors can invest at least ten million tokens, the title ones from 5, and the main ones from 1 million.

You can also get the status of the main sponsor by purchasing at least 500,000 tokens, or become holders of a package of one hundred thousand or get the status of an “advanced investor” by purchasing fifty thousand. Or you can become a beginner by buying only a thousand tokens. Transactions are made almost instantly, the commission fee is 5 tokens.

Thanks to a press screening for influential people, a trailer, compositions by famous Russian rappers, participation in the Cannes Film Festival, the film will be able to collect a large box office.

And due to tokenization, everyone can be a direct creator of cinema, earning income and promoting independent films. No one has ever proposed such a thing in the field of cinema and blockchain. By the way, Channel One made a video and showed it in its news about the creators of the token, which is a clear indication that the authors of the movie and the film itself are waiting for success.

You just have to follow the development of the CINECOIN token and the DECIMAL blockchain itself, and everyone has a chance to promote the world history of the film industry and the blockchain.