MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor says Apple could get another $ 100 billion with Bitcoin investment

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor says Apple could get another $ 100 billion with Bitcoin investment

By bit.team

As more and more institutional investors switch to Bitcoin, will Apple tech giant be able to take a leap of faith and invest its own funds in the cryptocurrency?

Investing Apple in BTC is a wise move

Since a tech giant like Apple is introducing Bitcoin, this can only mean good things for digital assets and the crypto industry as a whole. According to many investors, such as Michael Saylor and Raul PAL, it will only be a matter of time before Apple supports Bitcoin anyway, as they have indicated that this is in line with the company’s digital growth plan. MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor, who was one of the leading corporate moguls to adopt Bitcoin this year, tweeted:

“Apple’s shareholder value could be $ 100 billion or more if they integrated Bitcoin into Apple Pay, created a secure crypto wallet in the iPhone, and started buying BTC from their Treasury reserves.”

The CEO also welcomed Dan Weiskopf’s report on how the tech giant can benefit from the implementation of BTC. Weiskopf, an ETF portfolio Manager at Toroso Investments, pointed out that the Corporation could experience even greater financial growth if it becomes a buyer of crypto assets.

He said that BTC is in line with Apple’s vision, and that the tech giant will benefit greatly from $ 10 billion to $ 20 billion. Weiskopf argued that Bitcoin would be more profitable for Apple than investing in stock buybacks, which he believes are often risky and expensive. He also said:

“Whether you view Bitcoin as a hedge against inflation, speculation, or an alternative asset class, it is a technological innovation that Apple has a unique opportunity to access and provide to its shareholders.”

Investing in Bitcoin in line with digital trends

The ETF financial expert claims that Apple is in an ideal position to buy Bitcoins, as its balance sheet has a ” weighted average cost of debt close to zero.” He said the urgent task is to capture the next revolutionary technological wave – in this case, BTC and crypto assets, since growth is what encourages investors to support technology companies. With its own investment in Bitcoin, Apple will have a diversified balance sheet while maintaining liquidity.

Because the digital trend has moved in the direction of the blockchain and cryptocurrency, Weiskopf noticed:

“It’s fair to assume that the giant’s management has already adopted blockchain, so by capitalizing on the cue Ball, it will only accelerate what is a breakthrough technology, and perhaps align with what it sees as the technological future.”

The coronavirus pandemic has brought many corporations to a standstill, but the tech industry has benefited significantly, and everyone is moving to the new digital norm. Apple has capitalized on the digital trend by recently introducing a new chip for its Mac, dubbed the M1. It is said to improve performance on Macs, guarantee more power for resource-intensive tasks, and higher processor performance.