Meet the 2.5 version!

Meet the 2.5 version!


Version 2.5. The new update will delight you with the following features:
⚠️ NOTICE❗️ BTC, ETH, ERC-20 addresses have been updated – use the new addresses to add funds
✅ New EGOLD coin has been added
✅ Now you will learn more about us due to the page
✅ In order to help you contact us easily, all contacts are collected in:
✅ A separate page has been created for those who have their own coin or token:
✅ Additional exchange rate sources for currencies have been added
✅ The ability to upload a CSV file of operation history
✅ Once the transaction is completed, the transaction receipt is displayed (in the next release, you will be able to download the receipt)
✅ The function of automatic language detection based on the user’s location is implemented
✅ The display of approximate total balance has become available

We are waiting for your feedback and suggestions!

Yours sincerely, BIT. TEAM.