Investment tips, and why they are useless

Investment tips, and why they are useless


We say all the time that we do not give investment advice, and it should be added that we will always say so. Why? We, like most of you, probably think that other people’s opinions about investments are completely useless. Are you in doubt whether this is really the case?

To complete the picture, let’s start with the fact that a small part of Bitcoin users do not consider free digital money an investment at all. Their motto is firm and unshakable: 1 BTC = 1 BTC, and they do not care about the value of Bitcoin, expressed in such “wrappers” as the dollar or the euro. However, we are not going to pretend that we live on another planet where you don’t have to pay bills to live and where you don’t care how much money you have. No.

Indeed, thanks to Bitcoin’s payment layers, such as the Lightning network, PTC payments are already quite feasible in everyday life. Nevertheless, the price increase over the previous years has predetermined the fate of BTC at the moment, mainly as an asset for speculation and long-term investment. After all, the price is what many people are most interested in. And yet, this is something that we, as a cryptocurrency resource, know very well.

The problem is that people often come to our website, or anywhere else, wanting to know if Bitcoin will rise or fall. There are websites that devote entire sections to trade analysis, and they are often very visited. Perhaps we will not open America for you, you probably already know that almost no one knows what the Bitcoin exchange rate will be tomorrow, let alone what will happen to it in a month. Well, having made a smart look, we could scratch the back of our head and say that BTC can grow 10 times, and has already demonstrated that it can grow by a thousand percent in two years, or it can fall to zero, or it appears to be 100%.

We collect information, analyze it and present it to you in the best possible way.

However, this is often not enough for people. Not only do they have no patience, but they want to get a guarantee, moreover a legal one. Are you looking for guarantees that Bitcoin will grow in price, say tenfold? And at the same time, you want them to be given to you absolutely free of charge. And if the forecast does not come true, you immediately try to blame the resource for this. Why do you think that someone will then tell you where Bitcoin will go?

Some people hope that if they read some analysis or watch a video about why BTC will break through the 50 thousand mark tomorrow, they will be able to safely buy it in bags. A certain part of people, as long-term practice has shown, do not want to be responsible for their decisions, and are always looking for someone who will tell them what to do, giving “valuable” advice. We are afraid that many of these tips will not be very good, and perhaps then this category of people will blame anyone, but not themselves.

Don’t wait for investment advice where it can’t be

So that later such a person would not blame cryptocurrency resources for their financial losses, they learned to constantly say that they do not give investment advice. If you are one of those who have not taken responsibility for their decisions, please do so. Do not force self-respecting cryptocurrency resources to write these warnings, as for incompetent individuals who are not able to make decisions on their own. But let’s go further, because this only creates another problem.

Don't wait for investment advice where it can't be

So, that’s why many resources, in an effort to avoid possible problems, have become frankly afraid to express their opinion about investments. Sometimes they can even react in a hostile way when users don’t understand the first time. For example, some resources are used to saying: conduct your own research and analysis. This is a phrase that you need to stop using once and for all, because the vast majority simply do not know how to do a qualitative analysis that has at least some value. After all, this is done by professional analysts or enthusiastic self-taught analysts, and not by a person who only yesterday found out that Bitcoin is not game money for Counter-Strike or Call of Duty. Well, imagine: such a person comes and asks, they say, how can I buy your BTC, it will grow, right? What kind of analysis can we talk about? Unless it’s about the medical one.

If you want to learn how to swim, play sports, cook or even skate – in any specialized form of human activity, it is useful to listen to the advice of more experienced ones. Well, it’s really not clear why investing should be any different. No, but this does not mean that if you saw a person on YouTube who “pushed” a two-minute speech about milk rivers with jelly banks for a symbolic amount, then you need to throw yourself on his neck. You will then want to make a claim, but there will be no one.

Many people want to be part of a community where we can advise each other. Feel free to talk about investments. Where we can express our opinion without fear of some ridiculous consequences, and not hide behind “do your own analysis” and other stupid rants. Because we know that there are other people who can give us advice. They do not advertise their successes, but quietly invest. But whether we will take into account the advice from such a person, and how reasonable and interesting it will seem to us, depends only on us.

We ourselves are happy to learn something interesting from the more experienced or intelligent of you, our readers. But the truth is that many wise people simply do not express their opinions, because they are prevented from doing so by a public consensus that mainly favors the unwise. Where, in addition, people like to find flaws in others, and they themselves are perfect and flawless.

Just buy and keep

But, we can still tell you about how wise investors act. And this will not be an investment advice, but just a statement of fact.

There are news coming from all sides of the cryptocurrency world that make you think whether you should engage in trading, try to make profitable trades, etc. The reality is that in the long run HODL gives more reliable and better results than trading.

If something has worked all previous years in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets, it is the long-term HODL. This is the same as in the stock and financial markets in general: specialists and a handful of traders are able to generate profits from trading in the long term. But even these few investors pay a heavy toll, in the form of a huge emotional burden and stress.

We are not trying to encourage anyone to buy Bitcoin, or convince anyone why they should buy cryptocurrencies. We do not give advice, but point out the pitfalls that you often do not even talk about. You don’t need to learn how to make short-term deals, but rather understand that the key to success in the markets is, first of all, patience.

The easiest way to start increasing your financial well-being is to choose a quality asset or portfolio of assets for long-term investment, and regularly invest a certain amount. Even a small part of the BTC per month can become a large amount of money after a certain period of time if you use the power of averaging the entry price. And you will not despair because of doubts and the feeling that nothing is happening, or that you would like to get everything at once.

People lose thousands of rubles a year by buying low-quality things that easily break down and fall apart on their own. A lot of useless things are being produced now, which quickly end up in the trash. Do not spend money on them, but go so that you can afford better and more expensive things that will last a long time, or high-quality food, etc. Try to calculate for yourself how profitable it would be to buy a certain amount of BTC every month if you had been doing this for the last year, two years or five years.


None of the real crypto investment professionals gives advice, and it’s a pity. One of the reasons is the fear of being blamed by people who do not want to invest consciously and under their own responsibility. This makes the resources remind you every time – you have your own head! If you think that you have the freedom to dispose of your money and do not want to pay an investment adviser, then always invest and trade according to your own decision, and with your own money.

And, frankly, if someone does not want to do this and prefers to shift responsibility for their money to someone else, then you are unlikely to succeed. Go to, and look at the abundance of cryptocurrencies. Each of them has its own fans, to whom this crypt brings income. Dare, learn, communicate. And do not believe in fairy tales, as they are simply invented in the world of finance by people who have failed.