By bit.team

We inform you that the Floki-inu voting (https://t.me/bitteam_en/16112) has been successfully completed, the project took less than 2 days to reach 1,000,000 BTT votes.

Part of the voting took place at the expense of users who came to support the project, we recorded an increase in registrations to about +300 users with KYC, relative to the usual daily volume.

The rest of the tokens were purchased by the FLOKI team on the BIT.TEAM (https://bit.team/) market in the BTT/USDT pair, which provoked today’s growth of +10%.

Congratulations to all BTT holders, with a new tool that develops BIT.TEAM and the BTT token! We are sure that in the long term this will have a huge impact on all indicators.

The deposit and withdrawal of FLOKI are already open, you can replenish your balances by the time of the start of trading.
The FLOKI/USDT trading pair will be launched on 03/17/2023 at 14:00 (UTC+3).

We invite interested users to bid.