Dapper Labs raises $ 305 million with investors like Michael Jordan or Will Smith

Dapper Labs raises $ 305 million with investors like Michael Jordan or Will Smith

By bit.team

Blockchain startup Dapper Labs has surprised the traditional world by announcing a $ 305 million fundraiser that brings together a host of stars and celebrities among investors.

NFT completely changes the perception of values

Among the investors are Will Smith, as well as many famous basketball players, such as Michael Jordan, Andre Iguodala, Kyle Lowry, Spencer Dinwiddie, Andre Drummond, Alex Caruso, Michael Carter-Williams, Josh Hart, Udonis Haslem, Javale McGee, Kris Middleton, Domantas. Sabonis, Clay Thompson, Nikola Vucevic, according to a press release.

Investment funds such as a16z, Thirty Five Ventures, The Chernin Group, USV, Version One, Venrock, Coatue, Guy Oseary Sound Ventures, AG Ventures, Keisuke Honda Dreamers VC, Richard Seymour 93 Ventures are also involved.

The fundraising comes amid euphoria from the NFT, as the Dapper NBA Top Shot platform continues to monetize growing fan demand for digital collectibles.

Dappler Labs has made NFT its specialty and is particularly known for its CryptoKitties, which clogged the Ethereum blockchain when they were launched a few years ago.

Since then, Dapper Labs has launched its own Flow blockchain, which should fill in the gaps in the Ethereum network, providing very high transaction speeds.

Basketball stars and investors who have seen the success of the NBA Top Shot and therefore do not hesitate to participate in fundraising aimed at accelerating the development of a very promising sector.

Roham Garegozlow, CEO of Dapper Labs, said:

“NBA Top Shot is a success because it engages basketball fans, it’s a more exciting new way for people to connect with their favorite teams and players.

We want to bring the same to other sports leagues and help other entertainment studios and independent authors find their own approaches to exploring open platforms. NFT is opening up a new media model that brings fans much more than advertising or sponsorship.”

Therefore, Dapper Labs is following this new fashion and has all the capabilities and experience to take its rightful place in this new digital Eldorado.

New NTF Horizons

Whether it’s sports, music or movies, NFTs are being launched to meet the growing demand from fans who want to purchase these new digital collectibles, the value of which may rise in the future. And not only that, NFTs can generate crazy revenues, such as the NFT Beeple, sold for $ 69 million.

Even the release of the movie “Godzilla vs. Kong” was accompanied by the sale of NFT.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, several big-budget films are released in theaters (in the countries where they are open) and broadcast on platforms such as Netflix or HBO Max.

The originality of the release of Godzilla vs King Kong is that the NFTs will be put up for sale on various platforms, such as MakersPlace, Terra Virtua and Wax.

Hollywood Studios and Legendary Entertainment are determined to ride the wave of NFT euphoria that will generate substantial revenue in the future.

The first NFT to go on sale will be the BossLogic posters available on MakersPlace, with 7 non-interchangeable tokens on sale, including one animated one called “Legends Will Collide”.

Other NFTs dedicated to the movie “Godzilla vs. Kong” are also sold on Terra Virtua. This market is just like Dapper Labs announced that it will offer NFT for future blockbusters, such as the next Top Gun with Tom Cruise.

The WAX platform will also sell Godzilla digital collectible cards, edited by Topps, at affordable prices from $ 10 to $ 100 for exclusive NFT card packs.

Thus, NFT will now be part of the marketing of films and other cinematic products in the future. The pursuit of NFT, has the merit of raising awareness of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, so the success of NFT should accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies.