Contest. 200 000DEL. Supported by INTERLUDE validator

By bit.team

We have 3 great news for you:
🔸we have fixed the exchange and it is back in service;
🔸the spring thaw has started and the cryptocurrency market is growing now;
🔸a sponsor approached us with a proposal to finance your favorite contest, so that the prize was 2 times more than in the last contest.

🛡 Buy DEL on bit.team (DEL/USDT or p2p exchange), from 03/27/2023 to 04/27/2023 (inclusive) and participate in the competition with a prize fund of 200,000 DEL.
Delegate them to the INTERLUDE validator and get the maximum of staking, because the validator’s fee is only 1%!

🔥 Wallet addresses that have bought and delegated the largest number of DEL coins to the INTERLUDE validator in a month will receive the following prizes:

🥇 100,000 DEL
🥈 60,000 DEL
🥉 40,000 DEL

Each of the three winners will receive a complete set of unique branded merch BIT.TEAM.

And of course, we will distribute our unique branded merch, for the summer season, among 4-10 places:
🔸 7 sets of merch;
🔸 A whole year of your account’s premium status;
🔸 The prize fund in BTT for payment of fees.

⚡️ Please note, since the prize pool is of unprecedented scale, strict verification will be carried out to meet all requirements. We will need to report to the sponsor of the contest that each of the winners did no cheating and no tricks (like delegating existing coins, that means he bought them from himself, and then delegated).

1. Do not try to cheat, in addition to automatic verification of the uniqueness of counterparties and purchased coins, each of the 10 winners will be checked manually;
2. Keep the purchase order ID and the delegation transaction hash, in case of a dispute, we will request this data;
3. It is best to make purchases from a fully verified account and a direct IP address (without VPN).