Circulating supply

Circulating supply

You may learn what is BTT, its mechanics and its algorithms from our previous articles. IIf you haven’t read it, we suggest you read the article.
This quarter, the BTT token was listed on CoinMarketCap, received verification and a sign confirming this. All data on the main page is updated in real time and now is the moment when one of the most important indicators has been confirmed. The CoinMarketCap team has verified the Circulating Supply metric.

What does this indicator mean?

Circulating Supply is the issuance in circulation, how many coins are in circulation at any given time. This rate varies with time and is directly related to total supply, which reflects the total amount of coins not only in the market and in circulation, but also the amount of coins that are mined or not yet mined.
This metric allows CoinMarketCap to monitor a coin’s development, verify the data for authenticity and, based on that data, put the project on any certain position in the list. So as the BTT went from a 4000+ position to 1628th place.
Getting back to the point of BTT’s CS verified performance on CoinMarketCap. After passing verification, fully validated token data, BTT has risen to 1620th place in the verified token ranking.
Obviously, this is an important and valuable event that contributes to the project’s development and expansion to new venues. By the end of the year, the BIT.TEAM exchange plans to reach the top 100 exchanges. Follow the events on our social networks!