BTT was included into the rating
20.10.2022 • Просмотров:

BTT was included into the rating

By, the leading tracking platform in the cryptocurrency world, used by millions of people every day, has added BTT in its listing. This fact clearly indicates that the BIT.TEAM projects is actively moving forward, and the platform is gaining worldwide recognition, becoming a rightful participant in the crypto asset market.

This news literally follows the listing on CoinPaprika ( and CoinMarketCap (, and this is another step on the way to achieving the projects`s goal, that is to enter the TOP 100 largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world by the end of 2022.

The news on listing is the result of the painstaking work of the project team, combinated with the use of innovative financial instruments. They become the driving force for moving forward BIT.TEAM in the development of new solutions, scaling and attracting users.

Within the framework of the deflationary ecosystem model, BIT.TEAM performs quarterly burning of 20% of the BTT received for services that were provided by the platform.

Also, the platform redeems the returned tokens at the market price if their quantity is not enough for burning. The amount of the redemption is equal to the difference not exceeding the price set for the token, at least 7 days before the next date of the process of withdrawing tokens from circulation.

The reduction of the maximum issue is equivalent to the tokens withdrawn from circulation and burned.

Any user, starting from a beginner and ending with a professional trader who wants to use the BTT token, will have at his disposal not only a browser with the ability to track the latest news, but also the most innovative financial tools for tracking statistical data, for constant monitoring of the cryptocurrency market 24/7.

But this is not all the news regarding our ecosystem. Stay in touch and learn about our next victory! But in the meantime, we keep the intrigue!