BTT token was placed on CoinPaprika platform

BTT token was placed on CoinPaprika platform


The BTT token of the BIT.TEAM project continues to expand into the cryptocurrency markets. Now it is presented on the widely known CoinPaprika crypto aggregator, positioning itself as a competitor to the industry leader, CoinMarketCap.

The coin is the BIT.TEAM service token and is used by network users for paying fees, getting bonuses, and as a part of marketing strategy.

The basic blockchain for BTT is the popular DecimalChain platform, the main currency of which is the DEL token. The BTT/DEL pair is actively used in many network projects, and this is the main token aim, since BIT.TEAM is actively developing new services in addition to the basic ones (exchange, p2p exchange, NFT trading platform). The token can be used to obtain additional preferences in the form of discounts on transaction fees, paying for a PRO account, and also to change the profile nickname.

BIT.TEAM withdrew 39 million tokens from circulation during the last quarterly burning. In total, the platform aims to burn 20% of the BTT returned to the company in the form of fees and payments for services, which will allow it to maintain a deflationary value model of the token.

The BIT.TEAM development team is actively working at integrating its service token in crypto aggregators and exchanges, aiming to increase the daily turnover to $100 thousand.