Blockchain Smartphone: what it is and how it works

Blockchain Smartphone: what it is and how it works


The Blockchain is growing by leaps and bounds and is constantly improving. The use of this secure registry is almost limitless as the technology improves. We can see the next achievement when it comes to blockchain in the form of smartphones.

Blockchain smartphone – a new step in the technological revolution

Imagine a network that doesn’t depend on Internet companies, but rather smartphones themselves are the real Internet. This is a truly decentralized system that is secure and extremely inexpensive. Although the blockchain was developed for a decentralized currency, this latest application of the technology is fully in line with the original spirit.

In this article, we will take a detailed look at what a smartphone with a blockchain is and how it works.

If you are familiar with cryptocurrency, you already know that creating a crypto asset account involves buying coins and placing them in a digital wallet. Basically, a bitcoin smartphone is your wallet. It is literally located in the blockchain, so it acts as a portable database without the need to connect to the Internet.

Each phone occupies a hash on the blockchain, and the apps on the phone are actually decentralized apps that are also hashes themselves. The Ethereum blockchain uses smart contracts in which each block will be built to create applications and use for data storage.

Thus, a smartphone is a mobile flash drive that allows you to access all your data on the device stored in the blockchain.

How to use a blockchain smartphone

If all you are interested in is using your smartphone like a normal one, but still taking advantage of the decentralized Internet, then you can do it.

You won’t notice much difference in this regard, as they work just like any other smartphone.

What really matters is that you will be able to take advantage of some other benefits. First of all, it is security. Your personal data is locked in your node in the block chain, and no one is able to access or manipulate it. This is far from comparable to how weak the security of a regular smartphone is.

Then the next thing is the fact that you open the function of mining cryptocurrency using your phone. Since the device is on a real blockchain, it uses more computing power than your regular smartphone, so it is able to handle the mining requirements much better.

There is also the fact that you do not need to transfer unnecessary personal information to use your smartphone to a third party. There is no central authority, so you don’t need to join a specific provider’s network and allow them to use your data.

Is it worth it?

Since this is just the beginning of using this technology, there are still some issues that need to be addressed. A new trend-smartphones based on blockchain is gaining momentum. If you want to become one of the pioneers – join us. But do not forget that the blockchain smartphone is still a simple gadget, with all the ensuing consequences.