Bitcoin price is rising again, and you need to get some truths

Bitcoin price is rising again, and you need to get some truths


Since the market value of cryptocurrencies exceeds 2 trillion US dollars, it can be clearly seen that the comments of netizens about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are increasing. And this suggests that the attention to the crypto asset is increasing.

Although the prices of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin continue to rise, and naturally their risks gradually increase, this still cannot stop people’s enthusiasm.

Most believe that Bitcoin is a high-risk financial management tool. Entering the crypto market for trading involves a huge risk, and at any time it can become both a source of capital collection and its loss. Especially now that the asset has reached almost $57K, holders have already accumulated a large amount of it and the crypto market is under strong pressure from sellers. However, some netizens do not realize this, especially those who have earned a lot of money in the process of promoting the BTC.

A trader once said, ” People will never make a steady profit on something they don’t understand”. He also spoke about the history of Bitcoin hype, saying that he started advertising the BTC after the 2017 market crash. Now he has a house, a car, and $8 million. And he still has 25 BTC in his wallet. This is the income from its hype in relation to the asset. Those of us who didn’t take part in the spin of the BTC are still where we started, having failed to take advantage of the opportunity of life.

Traders who speculate on Bitcoin do make a profit but this will not last forever.

In fact, there are many opportunities in life. If you grab your luck by the tail, you can be afloat for many years. Real Estate, Tesla, Apple, etc. If you were given the chance to go back 20 years now, I think everyone would have the opportunity to become a billionaire. But if everyone went back 20 years in the past, then most likely history would repeat itself again. You’ll find that Elon Musk is still the same, Warren Buffett is just as fabulously rich, and you and I are still doing nothing. You should know that today, the acquisition of an asset for $57,000 is not for charity. This is strengthening the position of the powerful.

Looking back, most people who spin the BTC and other cryptocurrencies, especially investors who already own them, have made a lot of money. These are people who will promote their experience of making money with BTC to others, thereby attracting new players. In the face of huge interests, there will always be those who can’t stick to their original intentions, and will eventually enter the market to try their luck with the coveted crypt. However, the BTC is, after all, a very speculative financial product. By itself, it does not bring wealth. His source of wealth depends entirely on someone taking over his market.

So, the people who used to advertise Bitcoin did make money, but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to happen to you. You can follow in the footsteps of capital at any time, but the problem is that it is simply too late. Only by carefully monitoring the crypto market, it is possible to get at least something. The days of free crypto coins are long gone, and Bitcoin will never devalue in the pockets of whales, but not in yours.

The reason why Bitcoin will always be valued is not because of its value, but because it is in the hands of large capitals. If we go back 10 years, and imagine that all the mined coins were bought by retail investors, then the financial giants would definitely not buy it at $57k each. So when the price of Bitcoin is inflated, someone might actually get rich, but it definitely won’t be us.