BIT.TEAM ecosystem: effective tools for working with cryptocurrencies

BIT.TEAM ecosystem: effective tools for working with cryptocurrencies


BIT.TEAM ecosystem: effective tools for working with cryptocurrencies

As we all know, cryptocurrencies are in great demand now. However, there are a lot of issues associated with this market, ranging from volatility, and ending with a lot of fraudulent transactions. Cryptocurrencies are gradually spreading in our everyday life, and still they remain unavailable for many customers who do not understand how to work with them, and simply do not believe in them due to their ignorance.

But a solution has appeared – BIT.TEAM P2P platform

To solve the problems of inaccessibility and complexity of the crypto market, the BIT.TEAM project has been created. The team has created a p2p platform that allows to simplify the process of buying/selling cryptocurrencies without intermediaries – directly, and then make a withdrawal to a bank card or a cryptocurrency wallet. He only needs to create an ad.

The concept of the P2P interaction model is that users trade cryptocurrencies through the transfer of funds from card to card. The BIT.TEAM platform acts as an intermediary in financial transactions, thereby ensuring security.

Developers of BIT.The TEAM did not stop at creating a simple p2p exchanger and decided to develop a single ecosystem where the user can:

  • exchange/buy digital currency,
  • store and trade NFT
  • withdraw funds in fiat,
  • conduct analytics,
  • build graphs.

The BIT.TEAM ecosystem connects cryptocurrencies and real world making the interaction between them easy and simple. To implement this idea, NFT marketplaces and traditional exchanges were developed.

NFT Marketplace

Today, proof of ownership by NFT is becoming increasingly popular. For example, Nike has patented a line of Cryptokicks sneakers. By buying them, you will receive a digital token confirming that you own them. Another popular example is art. Buying the ownership of paintings and photographs on the Internet.

It is quite easy to register on a marketplace. The user fills in the registration data, which will take about a minute, creates a personal digital wallet where he will store NFT and cryptocurrencies.

The user works only with the client part of the service, which in many ways resembles a standard online store. The interface is sharpened for the least number of unnecessary clicks. You just need to specify:

  • product name,
  • its cost,
  • fill in the description,
  • upload an image, you can even Gif,
  • and other characteristics.

When making a transaction through a smart contract, an NFT is generated, in the blockchain of which the unique information about this token (metadata) is recorded. Transactions are carried out very quickly. The only currency on the site is DEL, the base cryptocurrency of the DecimalChain blockchain contructor

As practice has shown, the number of marketplace users is rapidly growing.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

On January 25, 2022, BIT.TEAM introduced a classic exchange into the ecosystem. It offers everyone who becomes its participant the opportunity to carry out trading transactions with leading virtual currencies at market value. The exchange was developed in order to make the process of buying and exchanging leading cryptocurrencies as simple and convenient as possible for each user.

Any participant can trade without intermediary structures. The main features of the exchange are that its interface is extremely simple and minimalistic. A novice trader will understand its functions in a short time, and experienced traders will find all the tools for effective trading.

There are no hidden payments, the fee on the exchange is just 0.2% per transaction. Traders can count on round-the-clock support from the technical service. The exchange also guarantees the safety of deposits of all customers. In addition, the user can put markers and click on the screen button in order to save the graph, for example, for an analytical article.

To ensure the fast operation, BIT.TEAM has created an internal token that can be used to pay fees, PRO account, BOOST ads and other functions of the BIT.TEAM ecosystem. This token can be used as a single tool for paying for services.

The service provides high security, no one except the client will be able to log in and transfer his tokens.

Due to the use of an internal token, loads and delays are prevented as a result of transactions over the network with tokens are carried out very quickly. You can pay up to 50% fee with a token, you can buy a premium account with special privileges, pay for premium placement of ads.

To date , the current addresses are as follows:

The team notifies that on 02/22/2022, after the completion of maintenance works on the transfer of the exchange to the main domain, some ads and orders could be automatically cancelled due to an outdated exchange rate (in order to avoid losses on the exchange rate difference), it is necessary to go in, check and restore the ads for buying and selling.

Thus, BIT.TEAM offers each of the traders an internal token, a P2P platform, an NFT Marketplace, and a classic exchange for trading. It is enough for the client to register and start using all the tools of the ecosystem.