Are cryptocurrency-backed loans security and legal

Are cryptocurrency-backed loans security and legal


Cryptocurrency loans have attracted a lot of attention in the past few years, and now they have become the talk of institutional investors and banking experts.

What are the crypto loans

Bitcoin has actively revolutionized the traditional financial system, from investment behavior to payment transactions, especially when decentralized finance platforms (or De-Fi) started offering 10 times more interest rates than traditional banks. As a result, there has been a surge in institutional interest in the ecosystem of cryptocurrency-backed loans.

Before we delve into the question of whether cryptocurrency loans are legal and safe, we need to understand what these terms mean. These are loans for which you can keep your cryptocurrency as collateral. You don’t need extensive documentation, credit checks, or many other checks.

Thanks to various decentralized platforms, you can easily take out loans in cryptocurrency: here smart contracts are created after the lender and the borrower come to a mutual agreement. In general, the process is very transparent and simple and does not require any hidden fees. As soon as you (the borrower) repay the loan, your crypto assets will be returned to you.

Since the value of cryptocurrencies fluctuates constantly, lenders are protected by margin requirements. This means that if the price drops sharply, you will have to increase the deposit.

Here’s how Bitcoin or Ethereum loans work:

  • Security

When you plan to get a loan, you will need to secure it with crypto assets. This means that you will need to deposit a cryptocurrency that is worth more than the loan amount.

  • Cost of credit

In most cases, the loan amount should be between 50% and 70%. For example, if you want to borrow $ 10,000, you will need to deposit $ 20,000.$ in cryptocurrency, if the loan amount-to-value ratio is 50%.

As we already know, the value of digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies, is fickle. Consequently, P2P crypto platforms sell collateral when it reaches a threshold value (for example, 90% LVT). This way, your investment remains protected.

  • Return

As for profitability, most crypto-lending platforms bring from 8% to 10% per annum. These platforms also offer an interest-based investment account that will allow you to instantly access your investments.

Are cryptocurrency-backed loans safe

If you were lucky and started investing in cryptocurrency when it was still young, you might have a good one. It is very important that your cryptocurrency is reliable and protected from hackers. In this case, cryptocurrency lending will allow you to place your cryptocurrency as collateral for a Fiat loan. In addition, interest rates are much lower than those of banks. In addition, these institutions don’t really care about your purchase history or bad credit history: all they need is your cryptocurrency collateral.


Yes, the number of people choosing crypto loans is growing. These loans offer many benefits, especially to people with poor credit histories. However, there are risks involved, mainly because the concept is still new to the general public.

However, improvements are taking place by leaps and bounds, and we may soon find that cryptocurrency loans will become more popular than their traditional counterparts.