A Frenchman Who paid $ 500,000 in Bitcoin to activists involved in the US Capitol Hill Riot left behind a suicide note

A Frenchman Who paid $ 500,000 in Bitcoin to activists involved in the US Capitol Hill Riot left behind a suicide note

By bit.team

An investigation into the Capitol Hill riots in the United States shows that Bitcoin payments worth more than $ 500,000 (about 28.15 BTC) were distributed to 22 different digital wallets. Most of them belonged to Internet figures and far-right activists, and the payments were made just before the assault on Capitol Hill.

Another fairy tale about the criminal use of BTC

The French donor, who is a computer programmer by profession, was the one who donated and transferred the sums to the foreign accounts of far-right activists and figures, including Internet celebrity Nick Fuentes. The investigation reveals that a French donor left a suicide note a day after he gave donations to right-wing activists and organizations.

However, it remains to be determined whether the French programmer is alive or dead. The report says that a mysterious donor left a suicide note on a personal blog a day after transferring donations in Bitcoin. In a suicide note, the programmer who linked his bitcoin address to the pseudonym “pankkake” said that health problems forced him to go to such extreme measures.

He also stated that he “bequeathed his fortune to certain purposes, and to certain people.” In other sections of his blog, the donor talked about the collapse of” Western civilization”, which made him hate his heritage and ancestors.

An anonymous donor wrote: “I am concerned about what will happen after my death. That’s why I decided to leave my modest wealth to certain people.”

Chainalysis, a blockchain and cryptocurrency analytics company, investigated the Bitcoin transfer and determined that Trump supporter and Internet personality Nick Fuentes was the largest recipient of the donations. He received 13.5 BTC worth about $ 250,000.

The French donor made other donations. Recipients include Vincent Reynourar, Lukesmith.xyz, Bitchute, Daily Stormer, Patrick Casey, Ruqqus.com, Gab, The Unz Review, Amren, the anti-immigration organization VDARE, alternative right streamer Ethan Ralph, and two unknown recipients.

Chainalysis said it was impossible to determine exactly whether the French donor’s funds helped fund the US Capitol Hill riot. However, Acting U.S. Attorney Michael Sherwin said the investigation into the case so far considered it unprecedented, as prosecutors view it as a counterintelligence or counterterrorism investigation.

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Why there was a riot on Capitol Hill

Initially, the official version said that on January 6, allegedly a crowd of supporters of President Trump stormed the Capitol Hill building in the United States, trying to undo his defeat in the recently concluded presidential election. A crowd stormed the building to disrupt the electoral college vote count at a joint session of Congress to prevent President-elect Joe Biden’s election victory from being formalized. The protesters allegedly resorted to violence when they clashed with police officers to take the building into lockdown.

But further investigation showed that the first stormtroopers of Antifa, an international movement that aims to fight fascism, and not supporters of the current president, broke into the senate building, and that all this was a well-planned provocation.