10 Reasons To Buy Cryptocurrencies with BIT.TEAM P2P Exchange

10 Reasons To Buy Cryptocurrencies with BIT.TEAM P2P Exchange

By bit.team

In recent years, peer-to-peer platforms have become increasingly popular when it comes to buying or exchanging cryptocurrencies. A traditional cryptocurrency exchange offers the same set of services, but the methods of making transactions on exchanges and via P2P platforms are radically different.

A crypto exchange, like its counterpart in the world of traditional finance, is an intermediary between the parties involved in the transaction. Crypto exchanges and purchases are carried out automatically here, and transaction participants do not contact each other. Other advantages of decentralized networks also work: complete anonymity of users, low risks, relatively low fees.

P2P platforms, including the P2P BIT.TEAM exchange, work on a different principle: here the platform`s clients make exchanges with each other directly, that is, they are equal participants in transaction processing. At the same time, fees are often lower than on the stock exchange (they may be absent), and transaction costs are paid in local currency. Choosing a payment method is also up to  users.

Let’s consider the main advantages of using the BIT.TEAM P2P exchange for buying/selling/exchanging cryptocurrencies, including fiat money.

1. Support Service

All technical issues and problems arising during the processing of asset transfers are promptly resolved by a team of qualified specialists. To do this, just click on the “Contact us” button on the contact page, enter your contact details and describe your problem.  You will be offered acceptable ways to resolve disputes.

2. Friendly community

Online group on Telegram is another place where you can get competent advice both from the BIT.TEAM support service and directly from the service users. According to statistics, about 80% of customers receive comprehensive prompt answers to their questions in the chat. Previously, you can study the FAQ section, which provides basic information on the use of the platform’s services.

3. Customizing ads

P2P exchange assumes that you will participate in the exchange on an equal basis with your counterparty. This way of cooperation is provided through ads that can be submitted by both sellers and buyers. Each ad is configured individually: the exchange amount (buyers) or price and limits (sellers), currency and preferred payment method are specified. The more attractive the terms of your ad, the higher the chances of quickly finding a partner and making an exchange.

4. Minimum costs

If you buy cryptocurrency on an exchange, such a transaction is carried out in the form of a transaction recorded on the blockchain. This operation is not free, as long as some work needs to be done to verify it. As a rule, such fees are small, but it all depends on the specific exchange and even the blockchain.

When using peer-to-peer services, the purchase/sale of cryptocurrencies can be carried out with very small fees (0.4% on the BIT.TEAM P2P exchange) or without them at all.

5. Security: Escrow service

There is a risk of fraud when making transactions in peer-to-peer networks, even if it is a cryptocurrency exchange with a thorough check of the transaction conditions. P2P BIT.TEAM exchange solves this problem with the help of an escrow service that guarantees transaction security for both parties. To do this, the amount in crypto of one transaction participant is pre-transferred to a special temporary deposit, and only when both counterparties confirm the success of the operation, the money will be transferred to the recipient’s wallet.

If for some reason this doesn`t happen in 60 minutes after the transaction starts, you can open a dispute, in any case, you will not lose your money.

6. Greater freedom of action

The classic cryptocurrency exchange, being an object of interest to intruders, is forced to introduce a number of restrictions for its clients for security purposes, from the mandatory provision of an identity document to limits on performing operations. On P2P exchanges, transactions are carried out directly, so such restrictions are not used.

7. High speed of transaction confirmation

In P2P exchange, if the crypto transaction is carried out with fiat money, it is completed quickly enough, within 20-25 minutes. But in some cases, the transaction may take longer, 1-3 business days. For example, when it is related to the specifics of the work of a local bank.

8. Globality of exchange operations

Initially, the BIT.TEAM project was focused on the Russian-speaking segment of the cryptocurrency market. Currently, the P2P exchange is a powerful global tool that provides the ability to perform operations with all major cryptocurrencies and local fiat currencies.

It should be particularly noted that if many large crypto exchanges currently have problems with providing services to customers from Russian Federation, then BIT.TEAM, just like it used to do before, works without restrictions, since the service is registered in London, and the UK is not a member of the European Union.

9. A large choice of available payment methods

A P2P exchange on BIT.TEAM can be made using over 80 payment methods, including both traditional bank transfers and various global and local payment systems.

10. No restrictions on the amount of exchange

You can sell or buy any amount of the necessary cryptocurrencies, there are no restrictions specific to crypto exchanges. If you want to purchase a small amount of crypto assets, you should focus on more favorable price offers. When buying a significant amount in cryptocurrency, the tactics should be a little different – pay attention to the seller’s rating in the ads: the higher it is, the more reliable the trader you will be dealing with.

Things that you need to purchase cryptocurrency via a P2P exchange

To become a member of the BIT.TEAM P2P platform, you need to go through a simple registration procedure that does not require entering identification data – only your mailbox. To learn more about how to register in the service, read the corresponding FAQ section.