Partner program BIT.TEAM
Become a member of the partner program BIT.TEAM by registering on the site and get a partner bonus with each transaction carried out by a partner or purchase of tokens.
BIT.TEAM has two types of referral programs:

1. Bonus for purchase partner tokens.
2. Bonus for the deals that were made by the partner.

In the first case, the reward is:
1 line - 5%
2 line - 3%
3 line - 1%

In the second case:
1 line - 25% of service fee
2 line - 15% of service commission
3 line - 10% of service commission

The goals of the partnership program are to stimulate consumer demand, attract attention, increase awareness and loyalty, maintain and increase audience interest in the services of BIT.TEAM and its partners in order to further promote them in the market. BIT.TEAM does not participate in the affiliate program and does not receive rewards from attracting new members - users of our exchanger. The income of the BIT.TEAM company is formed exclusively by the commission charged by BIT.TEAM for processing cryptocurrency exchange transactions

To get your affiliate link, register at and follow the link: