To make a purchase of cryptocurrency, click the “Buy” button.
In the window that appears, select the desired cryptocurrency.
Select a payment method. 


Next, select an ad based on the parameters of interest.
We look at the selected ad, if everything is satisfactory, click the “Buy” button.
Enter the purchase amount. Optionally, you can enter a comment.
Telegram bot offers to use coins for fee payment  and we are waiting for the seller's response.
After the seller has confirmed the transaction, you receive payment details.
We transfer the specified amount to the seller's account details.
Next, click the "I paid" button.
After that, click the button "Conditions are met - I confirm".
We are waiting for the seller to confirm receipt of funds. After the payment is confirmed, a transfer will be made to you. If the seller does not confirm the transaction within 60 minutes, you will have the opportunity to open a dispute.
After the transaction is completed, it is possible to leave feedback about the seller.
In order to choose another action, select the section of interest from below.

Created - December 1, 2023 11:29 AM