How to buy cryptocurrency from a seller.
The transaction process on the website

On the main page of the site we have activated the "buy" section, we can select the appropriate ad that suits us.

We can put a filter in order to reduce the number of ads to choose from. We are looking for an online user who is satisfied with the terms of payment method, price and limits for us. We will buy cryptocurrency from him. We press the link "buy", after that we get to the page of the deal itself. Here you can see the rating and reviews by clicking on the username. If everything suits you, go to the transaction page and indicate the amount to be sent or the amount of cryptocurrency you want to purchase.


* Pay attention to the commission and the resulting total.

Submit a trade request. Now we are awaiting confirmation from the seller.

If for some reason you wish to cancel the transaction, you can do this by clicking on the corresponding link.
You should wait for the user to confirm this transaction.
You will receive a notification by email about the start of the deal or the page will be updated - this means that the seller has confirmed the start of the deal.

Details appeared on the page to which funds must be sent. It is necessary to send money from the card, which is indicated in the conditions of the seller and then click "paid".

As soon as the amount is sent to this card - click "I paid" and confirm that you have fulfilled all the conditions of the transaction.

If you have any questions for the seller, you can ask them in the chat that is present on this page.

Expect confirmation from the user that he received the sent funds. As soon as he receives them and sees a notification on the site about the sending of funds by you, the user will confirm the transaction.

* If for some reason the user does not confirm the transaction, a dispute on this transaction can be opened after 60 minutes.

! The site acts as the guarantor of the transaction. If something happened during the transaction, then the site will figure it all out.

The balance of our personal account was replenished with the amount that we purchased, this can also be viewed in the history section.

Created - February 11, 2023 5:55 PM
Updated - February 13, 2023 5:46 PM