They are available when disputes arise between the buyer and the seller. A dispute is available with an active deal in the following situations:
1-When the buyer of the cryptocurrency delays the payment of fiat funds to the seller's account. 2-And when the seller of the cryptocurrency delays the confirmation of receipt of the fiat funds.
In both cases, a dispute can be opened 60 minutes after the opening of the trade. The BitTeam platform itself acts as the guarantor, which deposits the cryptocurrency at the time of the transaction with the seller.
In case of a disputable situation, you will see an active "Open dispute" button. The operators of the support service contact the parties to the transaction in chat and in private messages and ask for the data they need. This can be a receipt of the transaction about the transfer from the buyer or the history of receipts of fiat funds from the seller, or even a video link with a participant in the transaction. In any case, the operators will be able to deal with the disputable situation.
One of the options for the emergence of a dispute is associated with an error when entering the recipient's card when paying by bank details. The dispute will be resolved in the direction of the recipient and the cryptocurrency will remain with the seller. Therefore, pay special attention to the correctness of entering the details when paying. In addition, unscrupulous users can get caught on the site who fraudulently try to appropriate cryptocurrency when they write in the chat available to you that they have paid for the transaction and ask to confirm receipt of funds when in fact they are not there. Those who have not carefully studied the rules of the transaction, that is, beginners, fall into such tricks. Therefore, check the receipt of money to your account in your personal bank account. Do not trust incoming SMS and do not conduct dialogues outside the BitTeam platform. In addition, you may have several transactions open in your BitTeam account and scammers can use this when they confuse you by paying and confirming from multiple accounts. Confirm the transaction only when you are fully confident that it was for this transaction that you received the funds and that you have fulfilled all the conditions of the exchange.
If you sell cryptocurrency, then check the receipt of funds. If you are a buyer, then check the details to which you are sending your money and confirm the payment only after debiting the fiat from your bank account.
Also, use the following rules to avoid controversy:
-send only from the account of the bank to which you transfer funds, unless otherwise agreed with the other party in the chat on the bittim site.
-check the rating and reviews of users with whom you open a deal.
-If you have a problem with sending money on the side of your bank and the payment is delayed through your fault, then inform the seller about it.
* A delay on the buyer's side has the right to be, since for various reasons a situation may arise in which it is impossible to send your money according to the details. Discuss this in a joint chat and save the time of the second party so that the seller does not wait for you as a buyer.
Fraudsters are blocked by the support service, but there will always be those who consider themselves more cunning than others. Use the rules above and always be careful.

Created - February 11, 2023 5:34 PM
Updated - February 12, 2023 10:19 AM