BIT.TEAM is a P2P (Man to Man) platform on which anyone can buy/sell cryptographic currency, at market price, without intermediaries, directly. BIT.TEAM - originally developed as a platform for users of any level, experienced traders will discover a new market, and beginner enthusiasts will be able to easily understand in an intuitive interface and securely acquire cryptographic currency.

The BIT.TEAM services group also includes TOKEN.BIT.TEAM and MARKET.BIT.TEAM.

TOKEN.BIT.TEAM - provides an opportunity for each user to purchase BIT.TEAM platform tokens, with which service fee is paid. Any user who buys BIT.TEAM tokens can put them up for sale.

At the price it considers necessary and when passing any transaction on BIT.TEAM, the user who currently has the ad at the best price is redeemed part of the tokens to pay the platform fee.

MARKET.BIT.TEAM is a marketplace (P2P shop), where any user can create their own ad or online store and sell goods or services for cryptic currencies around the world.

Sell/buy unique products, on the platform a new generation, no intermediaries, no limits!

Created - February 10, 2023 8:00 AM
Updated - February 13, 2023 4:36 PM