CCXT is a library used for trading on numerous cryptocurrency exchanges. It implements some of the functions, the available ones are listed below in the CCXT section

Authentication implemented on the basis of HTTP Basic Authentication is required for use, the signature is calculated by a pair of keys that can be obtained on your profile (API section)

Please note that the created key pair is available for viewing only once, so you should keep it in some secure place for further use. However, you can always delete existing pairs and create new ones.

For successful authentication, you need to send HTTP Header

authorization: Basic ZWNlODF...2MWNm

Next to 'Basic', a token is specified, which is calculated in the following way: keys are combined into one line separated by a separator ':' (colon), and then translated into a base64 line, that is, base64(key1:key2)
On this page, you can use the authentication procedure built into Swagger (Authorize button is below on the right). Enter API keys in the User and Password fields, then you can use the /CCXT methods

CMC - Coin Market Cap
A set of public methods for Coin Market Cup, the world's most popular website for tracking crypto assets exchange rates. The service implements some of the functions, and those that are available, are listed below in the CMC section
API Documentation

Created - November 24, 2023 1:30 PM