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What is the name of the person?
There is a meme coin on the Smart Chain that connects GameFi elements with NFTs and the viral aspect of a meme coin. It wants to be the world's largest gaming NFT metaverse. The success of Shiba Inu inspired YooShi. Similar to Shiba Inu, the community added real utility to the token by making it a gaming launchpad. There is an open platform for developers to launch their games and promote them to the large community of YOOSHI holders.
There are several play-to-earn games developed by a range of developers. The NFT marketplace allows players to bid for different NFTs, which later can be used for DeFi purposes.

Who are the founding fathers of YooShi?
Similar to Shiba Inu, YooShi is a community-driven project.

What makes a person unique?
The most important feature of the YooShi platform is the Gamepad, an IDO platform that allows gaming developers to raise funds by pre-selling unique in-game assets in the form of NFTs. Users can enter a blind box pre sale if they hold at least 1 billion YOOSHI and complete relevant tasks in the social channels.
Users can benefit from participating in new projects, while developers can benefit from new funding opportunities with the YooShi Gamepad. The NFTs can be traded in the marketplace. The trading fees are 3%, with 1.5% going to game developers, and 1.2% entering the mining pool.
Several games have been successfully created. The digital cat pet world created by DNAxCAT allows players to raise and breed cute cats and trade their game assets.

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How many coins are in circulation?
At launch, 50% was burned, with 40% being launched fairly and 10% gradually burned over time. Each transaction is taxed at 10%, 4% is redistributed to existing holders, 3% is injected into NFT farming, and 3% goes to the BNB-YOOSHI liquidity pair on PancakeSwap.

How is the network secured?

The proof-of-stake consensus mechanism is used to secure BSC.

Is it possible that YooShi can hit $0.01?
YOOSHI will most likely not hit $0.01 because of the huge supply of 500 trillion token. After changing from being a meme coin to a launchpad for new games, the project has experienced a strong uptrend.

Where can you buy YOOSHI?
YOOSHI can be found on MEXC, PancakeSwap and Gate.io.