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What is the name of the entity?
DFI.MoNEY is a fork of popular Defifinance platform.
It was launched in July 2020 and aims to maximize returns for DeFi investors while adhering to changes proposed in an upgrade plan.
The Vault is one of the new products that DFI.MoNEY has released.
The native token of DFI.MONEY is YFII, which is a fixed-supply token.

Who is the founder of DFI.MoNEY?

Cronje left the original incarnation of yearn.finance, iEarn, in early 2020, only to return to continue its development, as Defi became more mainstream.
A proposal to protect liquidity provision from whales earned 80% support among protocol participants when mining and farming of yearn.finance's YFI token ended in July 2020.
A group of users decided to hard fork the protocol to create DFI.MONEY with its own token.
YFII rewards will decrease each week after the hard fork implemented the proposal, known as YIP-8.

What makes DFI.Money unique?
DFI.Money is similar to the yearn.finance marketplace in that it is subject to different protocol rules for its token and has some new features.
Users of its predecessor who voted in favor of YIP-8 as well as newcomers who want to maximize returns are the target of its appeal.
The protocol is community-owned and does not offer commercial incentives, according to the website.

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How many DFI.Money coins are in circulation?
There is a fixed supply of 40,000 YFII.
The only way to earn YFII is by giving money to the protocol. The rewards are decreasing weekly.
The schedule shows that token distribution was completed 10 weeks after it began.

The DFI.MoNEY network is secured.
According to DFI.Money, YFII has a guaranteed fixed supply of 40,000 token which cannot be manipulated by developers.
It was possible because keys were sent to a so-called "blackhole" address, and access to them was permanently lost.
The transactions show the transfer of the keys to the blackhole.

Where can you buy DFI.Money?
Since its launch, YFII has become a popular trading token.
The largest YFII volume can be found on the exchanges.
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