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What is it called?
What are the supports of XSGD? There are two different blockchain protocols that have XSGD token available. It is possible to store XSGD with any compatible wallet that supports the ERC-20 token.
Who issues XSGD? Xfers uses the StraitsX platform to issue XSGD. Xfers can mint unlimited amounts of XSGD token under the framework of the e-money issuance.
How can I use it?
The Singapore Dollar can be sent on the Blockchain. Without the need for a 3rd party clearing agent, you can make near-instant, low cost transfers of XSGD globally.
It is possible tooperable across Digital Asset Markets. StraitsX partners have a wide range of supported applications.
It is supported by DeFi Protocols. Decentralised Finance applications can be used to leverage XSGD.
Where can I get this item?
Individuals can use the StraitsX platform and spend their XSGD with StraitsX partners. Major exchanges have support for XSGD.