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What is the XDC Network?
The XDC Network is an EVM-compatible, smart contracts-equipped, enterprise-grade, EVM-compatible blockchain.
While the consensus mechanism is proof-of-stake,validators have to perform a small proof-of-work when proposing a new block, which makes the network highly resistant to spamming.
As of April 11th, 2022, there are 203 masternode candidates, of which 108 operate as validators and the rest as standby validators.
The XDC Network is powered by fuel transactions and smart contracts.
The security of the consensus mechanism will be further enhanced by the subsequent iteration of the XDC Network. There is a Who are the people who created the XDC Network? There is a The XDC Network was founded in 2019. There is a Kakkad had decades of experience in the field of cloud computing. There is a Kakkad and Khekade wanted to build an enterprise-ready blockchain that was suited to the task of liquifying global trade finance. There is a Casterman had spent 20 years at SWIFT, leading technology innovations in interbank payments, corporate payments, corporate treasury, and trade finance. He created the first digital trade settlement instrument and established an institutional partnership with the International Chamber of Commerce. There is a What makes the XDC Network unique? There is a The XDC Network was invited to join the Trade Finance Distribution Initiative, a consortium of the world's leading banks and non-bank financial institutions. The ITFA invited it to join the Digital Negotiable Instruments Initiative. XDC Network and Tradeteq were responsible for the world's first trade finance-based non-fungible token transaction. There is a The XDC Network was purpose-built to be enterprise-ready, but it is an enterprise-ready blockchain for everyone. The XDC Network allows for seamless deployment of Layer 2 token via Origin, a no-code tokenization dApp, and through a number of other developer friendly network tools. Over the past year, the ecosystem has grown by leaps and bounds, adding over 900,000 accounts, over 100 masternodes, and over 4,000 smart contracts. There is a How is the XDC network secured? There is a The XDC Network relies on a delegated proof-of-stake mechanism called XDPoS to reach consensus, in which validators have to perform a small amount of proof-of-work when proposing a new block. There is a A proposed forensics-enabled consensus mechanism is built upon the most advanced BFT consensus protocol and will equip the XDC Network with military-grade security and performance, greatly conserve resources, and be fully backwards compatible in terms of APIs. There is a The original XDPoS consensus mechanism was built off of a BFT committee, which introduced a set of masternodes at the beginning of each epoch. There is a XDC Network is a uniquely secure and monitored protocol due to the integration of accountability and forensics. There is a
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The XDC Network is involved in the Trade Finance Distribution Initiative.
The promise of TradeTech: Policy approaches to harness trade is mentioned in the World Trade Organization's report.
The XDC [blockchain] has cutting-edge forensics technology.
Where can you buy XDC?
You can learn more here.