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The X community owns and operates the multi-chain marketplace. Voting rights are given to users who staked their X token for the veX governance token. There are people in this picture What are X's principles? The weird, the strange and the brilliant are all found in X. From the unique gifts of the individual is self-expression. The individual or the group can decide on the content. It is a gift to someone else. Creative cooperation and collaboration are values of the community. Civil society is valued and being able to communicate and hold discussions in a civil manner is Civic Responsibility. The community is committed to participation. The medium of deeply personal participation is what we believe can transform change. Everyone is welcome to work. Everyone is welcome to play. There are people in this picture How is X different from other marketplaces? Our goal is to build an NFT marketplace that is fundamentally different from the competition. All listings and transactions are centralised. X has integrated both Fantom and ether with other chains. X will be owned by the community through X token, which will be earned during the bootstrapping period. There are people in this picture What are the problems solved by X? There are 4 problems that emerge with marketplaces today. As decisions are made by the marketplace and not the users, platform/content becomes censorable. The practice of participation ring fencing is exclusionary to artists and users and can lead to de-platforming of artists who do not meet performance expectations. Today's platforms are limited in cross-chain compatibility making it harder for artists and collectors to participate across different chains. Stakeholders aren't in today's marketplaces where involvement is surface level. The only way to solve these problems is to have a NFT marketplace that is owned by the NFT community.