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Wrapped Bitcoin. Price of cryptocurrency: $ 70,331.93978913

What is the underlying technology of WBTC?
There is a tokenized version of the digital currency that runs on the platform.
WBTC is compliant with the basic compatibility standard of the ethereum platform, allowing it to be fully integrated into the Defi applications.

The first announcement of Wrapped Bitcoin was on October 26, 2018.
How do you create a new form of currency?
The world's leading criptocurrency is now in the world of Defi.
All to-be-converted BTC is held by a custodian who takes part in the actual minting and burning of ether. The user can get their balance back from the custodian when WBTCs are burned. Users send WBTC to the custodian for storage and receive an equivalent in the token.
The user who wants to swap between wBTC and BTC performs a trade through a centralized exchange or atomic swap on a decentralized exchange to move funds to the merchant. Once finalized, the user can use their money as they please.
Changes to the protocol are decided by the governing members of the WBTC DAO.

What can you do with WBTC?
One can use the Wrapped Bitcoin token across the broader platform if they adhere to the standard.
WBTC has a wide range of defi opportunities. Aave, Balancer, Compound, and MakerDAO are supported by various protocols and platforms.
Businesses can use WBTC as colateral for a loan.
WBTC can engage in margin trading where Wrapped Bitcoin is used. WBTC is used to enhance fund security.
Who are the people who created Wrapped Bitcoin?
BitGo, Kyber Network and Ren are part of the Wrapped Tokens project, which was founded by three organizations.
BitGo is an institutional digital asset custody, trading and financial services firm.
Kyber Network is an on-blockchain protocol that allows the integration of different applications. It was founded in Singapore by three people.
Similar to Kyber, Ren is a company focused on cross-blockchain integration of cryptocurrencies and applications.

What makes a coin unique?
By virtue of being the oldest and largest coin on the market, it has a large user base and a large pool of money.
The technology of smart contracts gave rise to an entire industry dubbed "decentralized finance."
advanced financial instruments such as lending and insurance are offered by products derived from it.
WBTC allows full integration of a Bitcoin-like asset into this advanced environment of financial applications, bringing along the immense liquidity associated with the BTC market.
It's easier for exchanges, wallet and payment services to support WBTC operations with just an Ethereum node if they use Wrapped Bitcoin.
The speed with which WBTC can be transacted is increased by about 15 seconds with the average blocktime being about 10 minutes.
The flow of money into the network is wrapped.
The amount of circulating supply has flowed into the ether network, corporate treasuries and exchange traded investment products. There is $10.9 billion worth of WBTC on the network.
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How many coins are in circulation?
There is no schedule for WBTC issuance.
The number of coins in circulation depends on the amount of Bitcoins in the WBTC network.

How is the network secured?
The WBTC token is secured by the parent blockchain.

Where can you buy WBTC?
You can buy WBTC on several exchanges which serve as merchants on the Wrapped Bitcoin network.

Uni swap. The name of the company is Binance. OKEx Huobi Global Kyber Network