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What is Wing?
Wing is a platform for cross-chain communication between finance projects. The project aims to remove the need for large collaterals through a credit evaluation module.
Wing uses a risk control mechanism to improve the relationships between borrowers and guarantors. The platform has led to an improvement in the accessibility of DeFi projects.
The platform allows for the creation of new projects and is focused on a governing community. Wing DAO built a credit-based DeFi protocol that runs on the Ontology.

Who are the originators of Wing?
The Ontology team developed and operated Wing, a credit-based cross-chain Defi platform.

What makes a wing unique?
One unique feature of Wing is that it allows users to set up a DAO proposal or become an investor on the platform even without prior knowledge or interaction with the blockchain. Wing gives project developers a chance to get funding when they submit proposals.
Wing is built on the Ontology blockchain because of its ability to create pools.
OScore is a credit-scoring system that is found on the blockchain. The lending/borrowing history and digital asset information of the users are evaluated by OScore.
Since borrowers have to rely on their OScore data for loans, the collateral required to make loans on the platform is reduced. Users in Wing's inclusive pool are rewarded for keeping a good credit score. Users who repay their loans on time will have their interest rates lowered.

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How many Wing Coins are in circulation?
The WING token has a total supply of 2,484,052 and a circulating supply of 976,314.
Wing launched its initial coin offerings in November 2016 and was able to raise over $1 million in funding.

Where can you buy wing?
The WING token can be purchased on several exchanges.
The name of the company is Binance. OKEx It's hoo.
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