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What is WEMIX 3.0?
The WEMIX 3.0 mainnet is an experience-based, platform-driven & service-oriented decentralization protocol which powers a mega-ecosystem of web 3.0 platforms. The mainnet is powered by a Proof of Authority consensus mechanism. The mainnet claims to offer the highest security possible, based on on-chain governance via 40 Node Council Partners, also known as 40 WONDERS, while still ensuring high transaction per second.

What is WEMIX?
WEMIX is used as a medium of exchange and payment for gas fees.

Who are the founding members of WEMIX?
WEMIX was founded by WEMADE TREE.
In August of 2021, WEMADE launched the flagship title, MIR4, on the WEMIX platform, triggering an unprecedented paradigm shift in the gaming industry.
The P2E market has been led by WEMIX.

What makes WEMIX unique?
WEMIX and the mega-ecosystem contains individually functional and collectively aligned key platforms and components that directly contribute to its growth and expansion.
The system contains:
WEMIX Play claims to be the world's largest and fastest play-and-earn (P&E) gaming platform home to numerous multi-genre games from all over the world that implements the "pay" segment into the experience cycle of global gaming.
The next-generation community platform built for the creation, facilitation, and management of projects through the Neith Protocol is called NILE.
The official DeFi platform provides secure and transparent services for users such as swap, staking, pool, borrow, bridge and more.
WEMIX$ is the official stable coin protocol with 100% of on-chain and off-chain secure assets, adhering to the philosophy that quantitative growth of WEMIX$ leads to the qualitative growth of WEMIX.
The WEMIX wallet is a non-custodial wallet designed to give users sole control over their private keys.
The WEMIX Explorer has a Macroscope and a Microscope.
Papyrus is a communication tool that connects people with common interests based on their NFTs.
40 WONDERS is constituted by technology sponsors and ecosystem sponsors that represent the interests of the WEMIX community as a whole, and secure WEMIX network via governance.

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How is the WEMIX network secured?

The variable total gas fee formula is part of the transaction pricing mechanism which is intended to deal with momentary transaction spikes in the network.

Where can you buy WEMIX?
WEMIX can be bought and traded on a number of popular exchanges.