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What is the name of the product?
Voxie Tactics is a free-to-play, 3D turn-based tactical game. Modern game mechanics and updates are what inspired the developers of this virtual universe to take inspiration from classic tactical games of the 1990s and 2000s.
There is a demand for VOXEL token due to the in-game mechanics.
Players can purchase weapons, armor, and other in-game items with the native utility currency of the game.
Users can take advantage of the VOXEL token in order to earn rewards in the game. Users can challenge each other at the PVP arena.
The game is free to play.
Who are the originators of voxies?
The game was launched in Q4 2021.
The team at AlwaysGeeky Games have been in the game development industry for over 15 years. Team members have gained experience in many studios around the world, among them Warner Brothers Games.
The names of the companies.
Steven Ball has been working on games for over 15 years.
AshKurn has an impressive experience in customer service and is a quality assurance expert at WB Games.
Ryan is the CFO. He was an accountant for major real estate and financial services companies.
The strategic direction of the company is determined by Jake Melendy. He has been in sales and marketing for a long time.
What makes Voxies unique?
In the fourth quarter of 2021, a public demo of the game was released. Party selection, equipment loadouts, and PvE battles can be tested by players.
The following components are part of the Voxies system.

The in-game market is where players trade in-game items. There are competitive matches. There is crafting equipment. There is a collection of Voxie NFTs. There are thousands of unique voxies that can't be duplicated.
There are advantages to the tactical game.
Anyone can join the world of voxie and start playing. Users don't need to know anything.
There are contests and rewards that can be won by playing against the computer or fighting in the PVP arena.
Users can earn VOXEL token and collectible NFTs that can be used to buy, sell, traded, and lend.
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What is the name of the game?
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How many VOXEL Coins are in circulation?
The maximum supply of VOXEL is 300,000,000 coins.
50% of the total supply is play-to-earning.
The team had a quarter of the total supply.
10% of the total supply is up for sale.
Advisors make up 7% of the total supply.
4% of the total supply is the ecology.
3% of the total supply can be sold in a private sale.
2% is the total supply.
The total supply is 60,093,123.90 VOXEL, but the circulating supply is 22% of it.
There are use cases forVOXEL.
VOXEL can be earned by playing a variety of games.
VOXE can be exchanged for in-game items on the in-game marketplace.
VOXEL and consumables can be used to craft items.
The entry fee to the arenas is paid by VOXEL.
How is the network secured?
It's secured by the Proof-of-Stake (PoS consensus mechanism) because it's built on top of theEthereum.
Where can you buy VOXEL?
In December of 2021, VOXEL is available on a number of exchanges.
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