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There is a VIDT DAO is an open source platform. Trust is brought into processes by using the best open source blockchain and timestamp technology on the VIDT DAO Web3 platform.
In the past years, the VIDT Validation Tech has been used by many renowned organizations. In a transaction for validation, the utility token, VIDT, is used.

The contributors of VIDT DAO.

The VIDT DAO Incubator Treasury is an empowering tool for the community to decide on the strategic and commercial path for VIDT DAO.
The VIDT DAO Awareness Team is made up of volunteers who are enthusiasts of the technology.
The VIDT DAO technology is open source and easy to link to any software platform because it is fully compatible with all major programming languages.

Provenance, transfers of ownership and preventing fraud are some of the benefits of the VIDT DAO technology. The chains of custody are available to the public.
Developers choose VIDT technologies to protect intellectual property by time-stamping and facilitating the sale of digital assets through fast and low-cost transactions. The cloud service is compatible with major programming languages and can be used by organizations or individual creators of files, data and digital art. When linking a file, the VIDT DAO smart contract stores the issuer's name and the file's encryption key.