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What is the name of the organization?
Reggie Middleton was the founder of Veritaseum.
To level the economic playing field, Veritaseum wants to create software that will allow participation in P2P capital markets without the need for intermediates or banks.
The option to tokenize assets such as real estate, metals, or government bonds, buy and sell digital assets, and get exposure to various trading opportunities is offered by Veritaseum.

Who are the founding fathers of Veritaseum?
Reggie is the CEO of Veritaseum.
He has also started a website.

What makes Veritaseum unique?
The VERI token is used to pay for the products and services of Veritaseum.
The primary use case is for VERI to be used for advisory services.
There are tools and software that can be used to participate in peer-to-peer capital markets. A digital exchange that is made for prime brokerages and exchanges is one of the services.
VeADIR is the platform's research module that can pull data from exchanges for VERI and allows interested parties to pay for the research findings.

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How many coins are in circulation?
There is no maximum supply data available as of February 2021.

How is the network secured?
Individuals and organizations can trade digital assets without the fees of a broker and with smart contracts that enforce the transactions.

Where can you buy veri?
If you are interested in buying, trading, or selling Veritaseum, you can do so.

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