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What is Verasity?
Verasity is the next generation of video-sharing aimed at creating a fair system for creators to earn from their work and advertisers to gain value for their ad spend.
Verasity achieved this through its PoV protocol, its product layers, and its platform esportfightclub.com, which is a pro-gaming streaming platform which features esports tournaments. The website is owned and controlled by Verasity.
Verasity.tv, another product of Verasity, was struggling to make money for their work. Advertisers aren't willing to spend as much money on current advertising platforms because they aren't confident that humans are looking at it all. Verasity's proof-of-view protocol layer technology eliminates fraud in real-time. It uses over 200 interactions to determine if humans or machines are watching a video. Verasity wants to expand its proof-of-view technology and data storage technology to non-fungible token.

Who are the founding fathers of Verasity?
A team of professionals with a proven record in the video and media industry founded Verasity.
Mark R.J., founder of Verasity, was involved in the research and development of a compression algorithm for streaming applications used at Action TV in the United Kingdom in 2000. He was the CEO of Datagard, which included several popular brands. Before starting Verasity, Mark founded other companies in media technology and privacy management.
David is a graduate of the London School of Economics and Political Science. Sergy Molybog is a specialist in general and object-oriented programming languages.

What makes Verasity unique?
Verasity's proof-of-view protocol technology is the first patented protocol layer that produces precise, secure and verifiable audience metrics.

Verasity has a built-in function that serves broadcast publishers perfectly. Direct broadcast over the cloud is supported by the function. It has been tested with a lot of data.
The ad stack and waterfall help platforms manage timeout problems that may result from having multiple service switching points and networks in one stack. Advertisers can reward viewers with virtual currency. The VRA token is paid when a viewer views a video ad.
For viewing and spent on multiple exchanges, VRA can be earned. The project earns money from the Esport platform, which uses a pay-to-play setup. Verasity gets a cut from the pools in the tournaments.

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How many Verasity Coins are in circulation?
There is a maximum supply of 10 billion VRA token, which is currently in circulation. Verasity's burn mechanism allows the Foundation to buy back and burn VRA token to ensure stability and consolidate the value.

How is the Verasity network secured?
Verasity uses a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus algorithm that is based on the standards for the native VRA token. It combines that with its unique PoV technology to allocate VRA to deserving participants.

When will the trading begin?
VRA is traded on major exchanges.

Is it possible that the VRA can hit $1?
It is possible that the price of the token will reach new all-time highs with many projects built on the platform.

Where can I buy Verasity?
You can buy the Verasity token on major exchanges.
If you want to learn more about how to buy virtual currency, check out our education portal.