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What is Venus? There is a There is a The protocol introduces a simple-to-use solution for users to borrow against their own assets at high speeds while losing less than transaction fees. There is a There is a There is a There is a Who is the creator of Venus (XVS)? There is a The Swipe project team is working on the Venus project. Venus wants to achieve decentralization through community-governance. There is a There is a What makes Venus unique? There is a The main strength of Venus is its high speed and extremely low transaction costs, which are a direct result of being built on top of the Binance Smart Chain. There is a Customers who use the Venus Protocol don't have to pass a credit check and can take out a loan by interacting with the Venus app. There is a The loans are provided from a pool of money contributed by Venus users. There is a The Venus Protocol uses price feed oracles from Chainlink to provide accurate pricing data that cannot be altered. There is a There is a There are related pages. There is a Injective Protocol was launched through the Binance Launchpad. There is a The token that powers the smart chain is called BNB. There is a Take a deep dive into Defi with Alexandria. There is a The latest insights and market trends can be found on the Blog. There is a There is a How many Venus coins are in circulation? There is a There is a One of the first platforms to conduct a Launchpool was Venus, which allowed users to farm XVS by staking different assets. There is a There is a There is a The project had no pre-sale or private sale, and the team has no token allocation, but 1% of the total supply is reserved for Binance Smart Chain grants. There is a The white paper states that 30% of daily XVS rewards are distributed to VAI stable coin minters. There is a There is a How is the Venus network secured? There is a The Venus network is secured by the Binance Smart Chain. There is a A proof-of-staked authority is used to secure the block. This mechanism combines aspects of both proof-of-stake and proof-of-authority. There is a There is a There is a Where can you buy Venus? There is a Venus can be traded on a single exchange platform. It is listed against many other things. There is a Our simple guide will show you how to use your credit or debit card to purchase cryptocurrencies.