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What is the Vega Protocol? There is a The derivatives scaling layer is provided by the Vega Protocol. There is a VEGA is a network governance token. There is a There is a vote on the creation of new markets on the network. The validator nodes are running on the network. Fees from traders are earned through staking and delegation. Important network parameters ensure markets are secure and fair. There is a Technology highlights. There is a A number of novel technology innovations enable high- performance trading of derivatives in a decentralised environment. There is a Atomic margin calculations allow traders to maximize their capital-efficiency without compromising the safety of markets. The network is accessible to anyone in the world without restriction. Through the permissionless market creation and governance protocol, the users of the network can create new markets. Markets are attractive to both traders and providers at all times. There is a How many VEGA token are in circulation? There is a The estimated circulating supply is as follows: There is a There is an initial supply of 2 million token. About 7.5 million token were collected six months later. It's going to be 19 million token after a year. In the next two years it will be 60 million.